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Is it just me, or does this iPad sound really bored?

Check out this very cool demo for SiteRider XL (soon to be formerly reeadR Touch), which appears to be a very cool speech-driven web browser for the iPad.

Is it just me, or does the female voice sound extremely bored/annoyed with having to carry out all the commands? Sort of reminds me of Dr. Katz’s secretary, attitude wise. (Anyone else remember Dr. Katz? Anyone?). I’m not sure I want to feel like I’m asking an apathetic clerk from the Department of Motor Vehicles to grudgingly help me surf the web, but this is still pretty cool.

6 Responses to “Is it just me, or does this iPad sound really bored?”
  1. The Captain says:

    Maybe it’s a Star Wars fan?

  2. Jonro says:

    Isn’t that the same background music used in the Knowledge Navigator video?

  3. Tice says:

    Woah, that voice is sick! Kinda scary, .. ( :- /

  4. HDrive says:

    Hmm maybe if it actually sounded like the computers on Star Trek or if they want to go for another market they could sex it up a little

  5. Kevykev says:

    The music is Cello Suite No.1 – 1. Prelude by Bach. And showing pics of LCARS just begs for the late Majel Roddenberry to do the voice.

  6. ArtOfWarfare says:

    “Read this page” didn’t exactly work very well…

    I propose using a simple equation that will guage how likely something is to catch a human beings eye using things like Color (and contrast from the surroundings) Boldness, and Size. Plus I think HTML had a tag like, header, or something, which would indicate it was meant to catch an eye…. and then taking the results to determine what should actually be read from the page when given that command.

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