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Touch Screen Haters Club

Touch Screen Haters Club

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6 Responses to “Touch Screen Haters Club”
  1. The Captain says:

    LOL! This is great, now add a Tribble. 😉

  2. Joe says:

    Oh, so good. I’ve got one too, and a very specific one to boot.

    Dustin Hoffman as Hook

  3. Jonro says:

    Hey, wait a minute. Consider the vets with prosthetics for hands. They are being locked out of this technology. Something to think about.

  4. ObamaPacman says:


    Anything conductive can be used for modern touch screens. Be it metal or conductive threads (some in socks). There are even stylus made of conductive materials.

  5. Jonro says:

    Good point ObamaPacman, although it would be interesting to see how well a stylus actually works in a prosthetic hand and if multitouch can be accomplished.

  6. Rob says:

    That made me chuckle…Thanks!

    How about adding Michael J. Fox…too soon….

    How about Fat Albert…bet he would fat finger a few keys…

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