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Sebastian Vettel, Formula 1 World Champion, Apple fan

I admit I have no idea who this guy is, but faithful Macenstein reader Hugo tells me it is Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel, , who is apparently reading Macenstein on his iPhone. Why else would he be so happy?

Sebastian Vetter

Given my lack of knowledge in all sporting areas outside of American football (and mainly the northeast teams at that) feel free to send me any random picture of one of your friends with Apple gear and claim they are an Ecuadorian soccer player or a famous Austrian Ice Dancer. Odds are I’ll just publish it without Googling.

6 Responses to “Sebastian Vettel, Formula 1 World Champion, Apple fan”
  1. noname says:

    vettel not vetter 🙂

  2. dj_aris says:

    It’s Vettel, not Vetter, doc 🙂

  3. Dawes says:

    Vettel, not Vetter.

  4. See? Lest anyone think I was exaggerating my lack of manliness…
    – The Doc

  5. St.Jimmy says:

    He doesn’t look that happy…

    I guess he zoomed in on some female German fan…

  6. royboy says:

    sad that you only know about north american football( its not even played with the feet). come out of your shell there is a BIG world out here waiting for you to discover

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