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Jennifer Aniston + tenuous iPad connection + slow news day equals…

Sure, Jen doesn’t actually touch the iPads in this commercial for Smart Water, but she’s a well documented Mac Chick, and since not much else stupid is going on in the Mac community at the moment, here you go. Thanks to faithful Macenstien reader David for the link! Via Obama PacMan  Read More

Sebastian Vettel, Formula 1 World Champion, Apple fan

I admit I have no idea who this guy is, but faithful Macenstein reader Hugo tells me it is Formula 1 World Champion Sebastian Vettel, , who is apparently reading Macenstein on his iPhone. Why else would he be so happy? Given my lack of knowledge in all sporting areas outside of American football (and mainly the northeast teams at that) feel free to send me any random picture of one of your friends with Apple gear and claim they are an Ecuadorian soccer player or a famous Austrian... Read More

Comic Artist Jim Lee draws Wonder Woman on his iPad while getting a hair cut

Comic book legend Jim Lee, the man single-handedly responsible for warping my perceptions of how long a woman’s legs should be, was getting his hair cut yesterday and decided to try out Sketchbook Pro on his iPad while he waited. He posted his in-progress concept sketches of Wonder Woman as he went, and as you can see (if you have talent) the iPad is a viable sketching tool. All in all the sketch took him 80 minutes, which is a bit long for a Jim Lee hair cut, if I recall... Read More

Is ThinkSecret’s Nick DePlume looking to make a Mac Rumor comeback?

ThinkSecret’s Nick DePlume, apparently at a very unpopular cafe. It was just over two years ago that the infamous Mac Rumor site ThinkSecret was forced by Apple legal to shut its doors, presumably forever. However, it appears that TS founder Nick Ciarelli (aka Nick DePlume) now finds HIMSELF in the middle of a rumor – namely that he might be trying to get back into the Mac rumoring game. At least according to the popular Portuguese Mac site It seems... Read More

Now he just needs to get Clapton to sign his Apple II

Faithful Macenstein reader Ian writes: “Steve Wozniak was in Waterloo (home of RIM) giving a talk. I have a custom built six-string fretless bass which has been signed by numerous inspirational musicians including the guys from Dream Theater (no Portnoy unfortunately!), Victor Wooten (spent a few hours on the tour bus with this amazing bassist!), Roger Hodgeson (Supertramp), Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Alain Caron, Kim Mitchell, Stu Hamm, Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree),... Read More

Bernie “made off” with a MacBook Pro

(Get it? “Made off”? NO ONE’S made that joke before, right?) Ahh, the zoom lens. What would tabloid journalism do without it? Take a look at this shot from the February 20th episode of ABC’s 20/20. Above: Bernie Madoff, holed up in his NY apartment, reading Macenstein. Looks like we know where at least $2000 of Madoff’s clients’ money went… Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Gregory for the tip!  Read More

Is Justin Long trying to become the next “Dell Dude”?

Remember when the “Dell Dude” got busted for smoking pot, and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in future endorsements when Dell dropped him from their “Dude! You’re getting a Dell!” ad campaign? Of course you do, odds are it was one of the happiest days of your life. Well, looks like Justin “I’m a Mac” Long might be looking to test just how lenient Apple’s policies towards pot are. In a rather odd move, Long has written... Read More

Celebrity Mac President Sighting: Barack Obama

OK, let me just say that while I consider the fact that Obama uses a Mac to be great news, perhaps even up there with Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton both being Mac users, and I appreciate all 700 of you for sending in the various links, I’m afraid I also consider it to be OLD news, which is why I held off on publishing it. Back in March we learned that Barack used iChat on his MacBook to talk to his kids while we has on the campaign trail. We saw Mac Goodness all over... Read More

A drunken Pete Doherty and his MacBook Pro kicked out of a London Restaurant

An allegedly drunken and disorderly Pete Doherty (of Babyshambles fame… ahh who are we kidding? He’s famous for once dating Kate Moss) and his MacBook Pro were kicked out escorted out of the Cipriani restaurant in London this weekend. It’s rare indeed to catch celebs walking around with their MacBooks, but even rarer to find one dragging along the MagSafe adapter. From this shot it looks like he brought the power cord with him because he planned to watch... Read More

I guess she was a PC

Despite denying rumors that they were ever dating, Kirsten Dunst has apparently dumped Justin “I’m A Mac” Long, who himself recently dumped Drew Barrymore. Above: 2 pictures of Long and Dunst NOT dating. According to In Touch Weekly: “They are taking some time off for now,” reveals an insider. Kirsten, who also dated Fabrizio Moretti, another of Drew’s exes, ended the relationship. Still, the insider insists that there is no bad blood between... Read More


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