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Is Justin Long trying to become the next “Dell Dude”?

Remember when the “Dell Dude” got busted for smoking pot, and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in future endorsements when Dell dropped him from their “Dude! You’re getting a Dell!” ad campaign? Of course you do, odds are it was one of the happiest days of your life. Well, looks like Justin “I’m a Mac” Long might be looking to test just how lenient Apple’s policies towards pot are.

In a rather odd move, Long has written and stars in a new short film entitled “Hunger Relief” in which he plays a stoned pot head. So, what’s the problem? Well, as an actor, Long obviously is allowed to play any number of characters, so this in and of itself is certainly not grounds to arouse Apple’s anger. However, the fact that in the film Long talks ON HIS iPHONE while HOLDING A BONG might.

So, what’s the deal? Obviously Long could have been talking on a regular cordless home phone without sacrificing the artistic vision of the film. Is Long trying to get fired from the ads which have likely made him ten times as much money as his stellar movie career, or did he discuss this part with Apple beforehand? I would think that since “I’m A Mac” is now officially being used as Long’s middle name (at least by us) might be both a reason Apple might have to address this with Long, and a reason Long might want to break ties with Apple before his type-casting becomes irreversible. Like it or not, Long is “The Mac Guy”, and he’s portraying an Apple product in a pro-drug light here.

But is there really anything for Long or Apple to worry about? Obviously “Hunger Relief”, like all short films, will be seen by no one, so odds are this move will likely not hurt Apple’s “I’m a Mac” ad campaign, and perhaps the “hip, cool, Apple buying public” will even think Long is extra cool for smoking pot. But given that last we heard Ben Curtis (The Dell Dude) is now a waiter at Tortilla Flats , why would Long rock the boat?

Remember Justin, these days all it takes is one angry mom with a pen to cause an uproar with a line like “Won’t somebody think of the children!” and it’s game over. (Damn kids, ruining everything.)

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader ishervin for the tip!
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53 Responses to “Is Justin Long trying to become the next “Dell Dude”?”
  1. tony says:

    this is a funny video, and I do not think apple will care as mentioned he is an actor, and this does not make me less likly to buy a mac, I don’t like mac’s anyways and wouldn’t use if was giving to me nor do I like vista I would use a mac before I would vista. Hey Apple!! lets try to offer a machine at a realistic price and stop the money grubbing, why woould pay for a Mac when I can get a PC which has more processing power for a thrid of the price? and Microsoft I am hoping Windows 7 will be better then you last attempt.

  2. Fandyllic says:

    I suspect the author of this article read and confused it for real life.

  3. mercedes says:

    welp at least he doesn’t have as much to lose as michael phelps

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