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Is ThinkSecret’s Nick DePlume looking to make a Mac Rumor comeback?

ThinkSecret’s Nick DePlume, apparently at a very unpopular cafe.

It was just over two years ago that the infamous Mac Rumor site ThinkSecret was forced by Apple legal to shut its doors, presumably forever. However, it appears that TS founder Nick Ciarelli (aka Nick DePlume) now finds HIMSELF in the middle of a rumor – namely that he might be trying to get back into the Mac rumoring game. At least according to the popular Portuguese Mac site

It seems the site’s founder, Ricardo Saraiva, was contacted this weekend by DePlume with regards to the Tiwtter account name “ThinkSecret, which Saraiva owns.

So what do we think? Is Nick looking to use the ThinkSecret twitter name to get his formidable rumor-mongering toe back into the Apple pool? Or is he simply being nostalgic? He does seem to be throwing the royal “we” around quite a bit in that e-mail, and reaffirms that “they” own the ThinkSecret name, somewhat implying it is still an active property.

One thing’s for sure, Nick hasn’t lost his edge. Saraiva claims it should not have been easy for Nick to find his e-mail address, yet it was apparently not a problem for DePlume.

2 Responses to “Is ThinkSecret’s Nick DePlume looking to make a Mac Rumor comeback?”
  1. Jonro says:

    It’s possible. On the other hand, ThinkSecret is a good name. Maybe Nick is going to sell the domain and wants to get all of the associated social media addresses. Or maybe he’s going to sell an iPhone/iPad app under that name. By the way, funny caption, “apparently at a very unpopular cafe.”

  2. Weird how Think Secret got shut down when so many more were doing the same thing and reblogging it. I’ve never heard of anything along the lines of MacRumors getting shut down. So why did this?

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