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“Max Adventure”‘s video-out gameplay demo is HUGE

All of you who love the portable gaming of the iPhone but wish it were just a little LESS portable, you’re in luck! Our good friends Natalia Luckyanova and Keith Shepherd from Imangi Studios (Harbor Master) have just released an update to their universal app “Max Adventure” which allows for the game to be played on any video monitor with the appropriate iPhone video connector. That’s right, you can now play your iPhone games on a 60 inch screen, no jailbreaking required!

“Hey Macenstein,

Thought you’d like this video we made to demo the video-out feature of our game Max Adventure, with me playing Max on our giant projector. The power of the little iPhone is pretty amazing – it runs Max Adventure natively at our projector’s full resolution (1024×768, higher than the iPhone 4 itself!) without any hiccups. It’s like carrying a mini-console in your pocket. Plug it in, game on your big screen, unplug and take it on the go, all while you’re in the middle of the same game!

I hope a lot more iOS developers will make use of this feature in the future. It’s actually pretty easy to implement – we did it in a day. And there’s nothing quite like playing your creation on the big screen. We were blown away when we first tried it, so we decided we just had to release it.

As for the future, we’ve got some other exciting video-out related features in the works for Max Adventure. We’d also also really love it if Apple would let us develop for the Apple TV, or stream the content over AirPlay so you don’t need any wires at all, that would be even more amazing!”

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  1. Don says:

    Fantastic! I’ve played Chopper 2 on our TV, it’s nice being able to plug the iPad into the TV and control the iPad game with my iPhone. I’m sure these guys could do the same without too much trouble.

    I have no doubt that the Apple TV will be a gaming console that will eventually go up against the XBOX AND PS3.

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