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Celebrity Mac Chick Sighting: Jillian Barberie

Jillian Barberie iPhone 01

What better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than to post a picture of one of the hottest celebrity MILF’s out there, Jillian Barberie (Reynolds), and her iPhone. These backstage “before and after” makeup shots of Jillian getting ready for her hosting gig on Good Day L.A. really help point out just how amazing Jillian’s physique is, and for my money, the “before” shot in yoga pants is 10 times hotter than the dolled up “after”. Truly inspiring.

In fact, after seeing Jillian’s abs I’ve been inspired to withhold MY mother’s Mother’s Day flowers until my she hits the gym and gets a six pack. Who’s with me? Let’s make the world a better (looking) place, one mom at a time.

4 Responses to “Celebrity Mac Chick Sighting: Jillian Barberie”
  1. mrzo says:

    I like before more too 🙂

    and thx for all mac chick sightings…

  2. Sam says:

    Does this mean there are rumors of a new series, MMOTM (Mac MILF of the Month)?!?

  3. Rob says:

    WTF…her bathroom is as big if not bigger than my kitchen, which screams high maintenance to me. I do believe I need to see more pictures to come to a better conclusion.

  4. rickster0220 says:

    I would love to lick her butthole.

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