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A Guy, a Girl, and 3 iPhones

It seems like just yesterday bands were trying to make headlines by shooting their music videos on iPhones. Now, they’re actually trying to make waves showing their videos ON iPhones.

“Hey Doc! I made this amazing music video with the talented Director Behn Fannin using 3 iphones. Its got 4500 hits in about 3 days. check it out! And please post it to your site after you pick your jaw off the floor.
-Steve Shane”

Thanks Steve, and nice work. Although I have to say that while my jaw opened, it did not actually reach the floor, as I had seen this video by magician Marco Tempest which essentially did the same thing, but still, lovely job, and catchy song.

2 Responses to “A Guy, a Girl, and 3 iPhones”
  1. Blake says:

    damn, that’s a good song! also great vid! props to Steve!

  2. wow very nice work !

    great vid ! thanks for shaing !


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