Macenstein’s “Mac Chick of the Month” (June 2011): Amanda Vanderpool - Macenstein

Macenstein’s “Mac Chick of the Month” (June 2011): Amanda Vanderpool

Amanda Vanderpool

Welcome to Macenstein‘s “Mac Chick of the Month”. Each month we feature a different die-hard, Mac-loving girl who is (almost) as well designed as the Apple products they love. This month we present you with the lovely Amanda Vanderpool, a TV Host and Model, and of course, a die-hard Mac Chick!

Amanda Vanderpool

Amanda Vanderpool

Amanda Vanderpool is the quintessential “girl next door,” who loves all kinds of communication technology, new media, the world of entertainment, and sports, especially skiing. In the winter you will most likely find her cruising down the ski slopes in either Whistler, BC Canada or Colorado. Her love of both skiing and communication inspired Amanda to create her own “Savvy Snow Bunny” blog that she updates frequently during ski season, whenever she gets to hit the slopes. Her blog has been featured on and has become quite popular with skiers and snowboarders who follow Amanda’s ski journey on Twitter (@CheckOutAmanda). Beginning in the 6th grade, all the way through college, Amanda was on her school’s cheerleading squad, which she attributes to her passion for sports, and the discipline and determination it takes to become a successful athlete.

Amanda Vanderpool

Amanda Vanderpool

Amanda cheered for the Anaheim Ducks NHL team, then was voted the “NHL’s #1 Hottest Ice Girl” on Yahoo’s Bleacher Report blog.

Amanda Vanderpool

– Name: Amanda Vanderpool
– Location: Beverly Hill, CA
– Occupation: TV Host and Model
– First Apple product you bought: iPod
– Favorite Apple Gear: iPad2
– Favorite non-Apple Gear: Blackberry Bold
– Favorite iPhone/iPad Apps: Sportacular, Shazam, Words with Friends, and Tango (video chat)
– Favorite TV Shows: Entourage
– Favorite Movies: Charlies Angels
– Hobbies: Skiing, Twittering, watching sports, and blogging.
– Pets: 1 chihuahua that I rescued. He’s 8 years old and his name is Poco
– Web site(s):

Amanda Vanderpool

Amanda has a remarkable enthusiasm for helping others. Her passionate personality and dedication to volunteering prompted Amanda to run her first marathon last December to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She trained for three months with Team in Training to prepare for the “Honolulu Full Marathon,” an experience she loves sharing with anyone who will listen. Amanda is also a HUGE animal rescue advocate and devotes much of her time volunteering at animal shelters and finding good homes for needy companion animals.

Look out for Amanda on a Red Carpet near you and also make sure you check out her new “Tech Hotness” blog coming out soon!

To see more of Amanda Vanderpool, please check out or follow her on Twitter at!/CheckOutAmanda .

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Amanda Vanderpool
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9 Responses to “Macenstein’s “Mac Chick of the Month” (June 2011): Amanda Vanderpool”
  1. marksman says:

    Very cute! and seems like a nice girl too.
    Another great find Doc!

  2. Giles says:

    Another fit girl! Nice to see young people in the States working out.

  3. Rowlings says:

    Gotta say, this is one of my favorite Mac Chick wallpapers. Not the most revealing, but a very nice, serene look to it, and it’s fun to guess what she’s looking at.
    Nice job!

  4. Howard says:

    yowza yowza !! pity she has more silcone than the Mac’s she loves …… 😉

  5. Aldo Johnson says:

    I wish I had a body like that… pressed against mine 🙂

  6. Rob says:

    By the lack of taste in hockey teams and the giant diamond earrings….I’d say she must not shop at Wally World…

  7. Beth says:

    She is the cutest!! Luv her smile, it is so genuine.

  8. Ed A says:

    Gorgeous. I wonder what she looked like before the silicone though.

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