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What’s up with AT&T’s Black iPhone 4 inventory?

Are you one of those people who thinks it would be awesome if Apple unveiled the iPhone 5 at next week’s WWDC? Or at least the iPhone 4 S? Well, if you’re looking for straws to grasp at Faithful Macenstein reader Andy ‘s got just the thing!

“Have you noticed that AT&T’s upgrade page only has the white iPhone 4 available. The black iPhone is only available as a refurb. The iPhone 3GS is available as new too. So what’s the deal with AT&T’s black iPhone 4 supply?

Wow. Look at all those options.

Hmmm… nothing but black refurbs for existing customers? That does seem odd. However, as much as I’d love for Apple to release some new hardware next week, my gut says we should chalk this up to AT&T not really giving a crap about giving its existing customers any decent upgrade options more than a sign that a refresh is immanent… That is, except for that it looks like new customers can only get the 16 GB white and black iPhone – no 32 GB models?

What the--? Only 16 GB models available online for new customers?

Anyone wanna get their hopes up?

One Response to “What’s up with AT&T’s Black iPhone 4 inventory?”
  1. Tom says:

    YESSIR DOC, I’D LOVE TO GET MY HOPES UP! Why are we shouting, anyway?

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