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11-inch MacBook Air is ZOMG Awesome!

Initial benchmarks have placed the new 11-inch MacBook Air very close in performance to the top of the line MacBook Pro of last year, and shown a nearly 150% increase in Geekbench scores. Yet, for anyone doubting the awesomeness of the of the 11-inch MacBook Air, check out Apple’s part number for the fully maxed out 11-inch model.

ZOMG 11-inch MacBookAir
ZOMG! Looks like Apple knows it’s got a winner.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Mike for the tip!
[via Reddit]

One Response to “11-inch MacBook Air is ZOMG Awesome!”
  1. Christopher says:

    I’ve been trying to get my hands on one, but they haven’t shipped out to Hawaii yet…

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