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NMA explains the fake Chinese Apple store epidemic

Just in case any of you are confused by the whole “fake Apple Store” outbreak sweeping China, our good friends over at Next Media Animation have once again come to the rescue, using their cutting edge 3D simulations to clearly explain all angles of the… oh, who are we kidding? Their animation is just as bizarre as always. And yes, Steve is still wearing a Darth Vader helmet for some reason. Enjoy.

“Apple is on a roll lately with blockbuster profits that exceeded Wall Street’s expectations. Part of the reason for their success is robust sales growth in Asia. However, seeing an opportunity for profit, many Chinese businessmen have made money with counterfeit Apple products. In Kunming, they even built a whole counterfeit Apple Store that is almost indistinguishable from an authorized store. But an American blogger exposed the fakery. If Apple’s runaway success continues, what will the Chinese fake next?”

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  1. Ian says:

    Hey! If the Chinese keep knocking off Apple we could end up with a “Fake Steve Jobs”.

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