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The most involved iPhone app trailer we’ve seen (plus boobies)

In the Adobe After Effects world, Andrew Kramer is a bit of a legend. Many is the time I have perused his tutorial site Video Copilot and completely ripped him off found inspiration for my own projects. Well, in addition to cranking out awesome tutorials and plug-ins for After Effects, Andrew has now made the leap into the iPhone app arena with his “face changing” app Demon Cam. The app itself seems reasonably cool (if you’re into the face morphing apps) as unlike those run of the mill still photo apps, it apparently adds video and motion tracking to the equation. But as cool as the app looks, what really caught my attention was the elaborate trailer for the app that Andrew put out, featuring some really amazing cleavage effects. So sit back, hit play, and get a taste of what Xena Warrior Princess might look like with today’s technology.

Demon Cam from Andrew Kramer on Vimeo.

8 Responses to “The most involved iPhone app trailer we’ve seen (plus boobies)”
  1. andrew says:

    Now we’re going to see a lot of guys making “Deamon Cam” videos of their dicks.

  2. The Captain says:

    Another SyFy Original Movie! LOL!

    Love the trailer…. and the witch! 🙂

  3. Darrell says:

    Nice boobs

  4. rob says:

    I like that it was cold dry night as you hear the thunder clash in the background. The cleavage was the only saving grace and I’m thinking if I use this app on my 2 year old demon child, and her soul sucking mother; would they look any different.

  5. Yuppers says:

    Yeah, this was pretty horrible… and way too long. Yet — all saved by the cleavage.

  6. Slappy says:

    Wow! A visual masterpiece!

  7. I’d like to submit this trailer for the best/worst category:

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