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I’m not saying there’s any validity to Apple’s “copying” lawsuits against Samsung… but

Now, I don’t really keep up with non-Apple hardware all that religiously, so on a recent back-to-school Staples trip I was kind of disgusted at how closely the Samsung laptops now resemble Apple’s MacBooks, with the aluminum chasis, black keyboard, thick black bezel around the screen, and the Samsung logo placed precisely where the words MacBook Pro go on the Apple laptops. In fact, if it weren’t for Samsung being so greedy they take the Intel subsidies and put those ugly stickers on their machines to save a few shekles, one could ALMOST mistakenly buy one thinking they got an Apple laptop. (Yes, that person would have to be an idiot, but then again, that person would be shopping at Staples for a computer).

Anyway, as if the physical design wasn’t bad enough, what REALLY caught my eye was the log-in screen. Does anyone else see an Apple logo in that “abstract” design. PURELY a coincidence, I’m sure, but that design, sitting on that hardware… It’s almost like Samsung was looking for a way to put an Apple logo on their gear and complete the disguise.

Again, not being a student of PC hardware or operating systems, maybe that design is part of Windows 7’s default log-in pics, or, maybe Staples threw it on. Either way, someone’s trying to give the impression that this is basically the same thing as an Apple machine.

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  1. AnnoyedFanBoy says:

    Flattery ..? It’s BS. Is Apple the only company that can afford good industrial designers or just the only one worth working for?

    • Ioannis says:

      No, but it’s the only company whose designers speak directly to the CEO and their voice is equally heard at the board as the engineers’.

  2. Scott says:

    Apparently you’re not keeping up with Apple hardware very well either – they haven’t used a thick black bezel for a couple of years now, having switched to brushed aluminum.

  3. andrew says:

    Copycat tactics is just business as usual at Samsung. Here is a paragraph from Wikipedia on Samsung:

    Rollei – Swiss watch battle
    Samsung Techwin acquired a German camera-maker Rollei on 1995. Samsung (Rollei) used its optic expertise on the crystals of a new line of 100% Swiss-made watches, designed by a team of watchmakers at Nouvelle Piquerez S.A. in Bassequort, Switzerland. Rolex’s decision to fight Rollei on every front stemmed from the close resemblance between the two names and fears that its sales would suffer as a consequence. In the face of such a threat, the Geneva firm decided to confront. Rolex, this was also a demonstration of the Swiss watch industry’s determination to defend itself when an established brand is threatened. Rolex sees this front-line battle as vital for the entire Swiss watch industry. Rolex has succeeded in keeping Rollei out of the German market. On 11 March 1995 the Cologne District court prohibited the advertising and sale of Rollei watches on German territory.[34][35]

    • Dave says:

      I have to say in this instance I’m not sure who is abusing the system here. Considering the high end markets that both Rollei and Rolex play in I really can’t see how the consumer would be confused. Let’s face it people with money to buy either of these products are smart enough to recognize the two brand names.

      It is one of the problems I’ve had in the past with the Apple and Apple records dispute. How many consumers out there would confuse the Beattles with Apple Computer? I know there are a lot of stupid people out there but the law in this case shouldn’t be about the stupid but rather the general population. Mind you Rolex went after Rollei over potential confusion in names not copied product.

  4. Jonro says:

    It looks like an older Apple laptop. I don’t think anyone would confuse the two, but maybe the design does try to imply that it’s just as good as a MacBook.

  5. Dave says:

    I think Apple has legitimate concerns here and I believe that is why Apple warned everybody that they would defend Apples patents as best they could when iPhone and IOS where debuted at WWDC. The difference now is that Apple is financially capable of defending it’s product where in years past it was much tougher for them.

    In any event Samsung doesn’t have a leg to stand on as they where warned clearly not to copy. In their case they clearly modified Android to make it look more like IOS. Looking alike is of course a limited concern but it does highlight an intention to copy. It would not be a surprise to see them also coping patented parts of the OS.

  6. Victor says:

    Samsung has even been sued by Vanna White for copying.

  7. dude says:

    yea cause 2 squished circles totally looks like the apple logo, stfu fanboi

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