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Original iPhone 5 drawing hits eBay

And by “original”, I don’t mean it was in any way involved in the production of the rumored-to-be-forthcoming iPhone5 – just that it is a one of a kind original drawing by a person of little to no artistic talent detailing what they think the iPhone 5 might look like. And he’ll even SIGN IT!

I'd buy one

Whether or not the current 0.99¢ price tag is too rich for your blood, the description of eBay item # 260849481975 is worth reading:
“Up for bid is a drawing of what I think the upcoming iPhone 5 might look like. It’s not a particularly good drawing, and since the iPhone 5 doesn’t actually exist yet, I can’t really base my drawing on anything other than the rumors that I see on tech sites.

This was drawn with a very unique and special emerald green pen that has been my favorite for a long time, and was drawn onto regular 8.5 x 11 sheet of recycled paper that was originally in a leaf-colored notebook with a bamboo spine.

I am posting this drawing because I know that many people will buy almost anything associated with a certain company in Cupertino (like the folks that paid $150 for Steve Jobs figurines), and since many of those same people will be paying $700 or more for the next iPhone anyway, I figured their willingness to part with their cash might make for an interesting eBay dynamic.

Of course, I want the iPhone 5 as much or more than the next guy, but I don’t like buying into coercive 2-year contracts from big carriers, and people trying to save for college really can’t afford to hand over such large amounts of cash just to have Apple’s latest and greatest products.

If the bid reaches over $1500, I’ll happily mount this sketch on the side panel from an Apple Power Mac G5 that I happen to have – this is a heavy-duty aluminum panel that’d make a nice hanging frame for the drawing.

The drawing can be of a 16 or 32GB iPhone 5, or even a 64GB one if you’re feeling optimistic, and since it’s just a drawing, you can imagine its either a black or white model – or even pink! I’ve even drawn all of the various buttons, switches, and even the default app icons onto the device, or at least my interpretation of them.

This will certainly be both thinner and lighter than anyone can expect the actual iPhone 5 to be, and will also be completely one-of-a-kind and uniquely yours. I can even sign it for you if you request so that you’ll be one step ahead if I ever become rich or famous.

Shipping is free on this, and I’ll ship it in a protected envelope. No refunds, no returns, no exceptions. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Lastly, know that your money will go to a good purpose. I am saving up for college, and will apply anything I make towards college savings and helping others. Also, 25% of anything I make will go directly to the California division of the American Cancer Society so that they can use it to research a cure for cancers like the rare pancreatic cancer that is affecting Steve Jobs’ health.

Lastly, I do not profess to have any knowledge about the iPhone 5. This drawing is merely a creative and imaginary work and doesn’t necessarily bear resemblance to any actual future Apple product. Also, I do not accept PayPal, so payment will need to be through my merchant account, through MoneyBookers, or through a personal check.”

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader @JGKunzler for the tip!

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  1. ArtOfWarfare says:

    I’ll be interested to hear what it goes for.

    Too bad these kinds of things can only be done once.

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