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Awww! She thinks she’s PEOPLE!

Is there anything cuter than little babies playing with iPads? Yes there is. But it’s hard to get bunnies to ride to bicycles, so we’ll take babies with iPads for now.

Of course eventually there will be nothing unusual or cute about this at all, as eventually ALL babies will have iPads and be baffled by the non-interactiveness of traditional magazines.

Now, as quick to grasp new technology as babies are, it’s somewhat baffling how the PARENTS of those babies are the ones that need some iOS lessons. For example, why did they shoot the entire video while holding their iPhones VERTICALLY?!?! Nothing annoys me more than when I see someone shooting video with their phone, holding it vertically, thus ensuring their video will be all but useless in the future. Hold it HORIZONTAL people, like your TV looks. (Hopefully).

Actually, I shouldn’t say it annoys me, as sometimes I lie in bed thinking of them trying to watch their precious videos of their children at home and wondering why they are sideways, squished, or have black bars on the sides.

And I smile.

via Mashable

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