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iMiss Him Already

Steve Jobs

It seems like just yesterday we were speculating as to whether or not Steve Jobs might make a surprise appearance at the “Let’s Talk iPhone” event. Actually it WAS just yesterday, which is why the surprise news of Steve Jobs’ death today actually brought a little smile to my cynical lips. Given all the speculation over Steve’s health in recent years, I actually think the fact that he was able to pass away, far from the prying eyes of the media can be seen as a final small victory for the tech world’s most famous and accomplished CEO.

Of course, we pried because we cared, and while many will say the news of Steve’s passing is not all that shocking, I must say it surprised me far more than I thought. Somehow I honestly expected him to beat his illness and come back to Apple at some point, if not through medical science, then through sheer will power. And a part of me still does. That part is insane and idiotic of course, but if there’s one thing Steve taught us, it is that we should dare to dream. Plus the idea of Apple having the first zombie CEO would kick ass.

But make no mistake people, the world has lost a true innovator, and there’s no telling where his vision would have led Apple, and in turn, the world. Just as Tupac was somehow able to release a new album every year for the first 5 years after his death, hopefully Steve left a shitload of drawings and blueprints that Apple can play with for years to come. But it won’t be the same as having Steve there in person to yell at everyone until they get it right.

I must admit, Steve’s death has affected me far more than the news of the passing of any celebrity I can think of, and in fact more than the passing of many of my own family members. That may be seen by some more as a testament to how dysfunctional my family is than how great Steve is, but I would trade an iPhone 6 to have Steve back with us now, and that’s saying a lot. Maybe even an iPhone 6S.

Good night, funny man.

13 Responses to “iMiss Him Already”
  1. Bob says:

    Me Too.
    Good-bye Mr. Jobs. Thanks.

  2. GodzFire says:

    A great man has passed. A man that I admired and respected.

    God bless you, you changed the world, and I’m proud to say changed my life.

    Steve Jobs: 1955-2011 RIP

  3. Andrea says:

    RIP, Steve Jobs.

  4. Jonro says:

    Even though I never met him, I feel like I lost an old, treasured friend. He raised product design to an art form and the world embraced it.

  5. ArtOfWarfare says:

    It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

    I’m supposed to start working at Apple next year; I was supposed to be able to finally meet my childhood hero.

    RIP, Steve Jobs.

  6. Joel says:

    So what you’re saying is your Happy Jobs is dead WE LOST A GENIUS AND YOUR HAPPY WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU!!!

  7. Dustin says:

    HEAR HEAR! Mr Jobs, you are already missed. I shall never give up my .Mac email in your honor!!!

  8. Blake says:

    Beautifully written, Doc. RIP Steve.

  9. Raymond says:

    I had my dreams of meeting him crushed today, but as I type this on my iPad, I know he’ll be with me (us) for years to come.

  10. Rob says:

    I’m sad he is gone, but happy at the same time. I’m sad for my own selfish reasons, I would have liked to have met him and would have liked to have seen where he was going to go with the Apple brand. I’m happy for him, as he must have been in a great deal of physical pain before his passing, but will suffer no more. On the brighter side, I know he will be establishing the Apple brand in Heaven so I have that to look forward to…

  11. thekhan says:

    Steve lived a truly awesome life. Maybe that old man on heaven wants something special for all these great folks in clouds too, like Jimmy, Kurt, Elvis and John…
    Steve, rest in peace.

  12. Dimitri says:

    rest in peace Steve.

    the world lost an innovator, a pioneer by all means.

    on a side note, I’m also happy that he passed away and his suffering came to an end. nobody deserves to suffer that long. anyone that has lost a family member by cancer, will understand.

    on a second side note, if Steve couldn’t find somebody to help, a treatment, with his money and talent to attract geniuses and of course his connections in all technology and education and government, then i am really worried about mankind…

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