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Do a wireless software update on your iPhone (Because you CAN, that’s why!)

This morning Apple released the first update to iOS 5, giving most of us (who were not in the developer program) our first chance to test out Apple’s “computerless Over The Air software updates” – one of the cool new features in iOS 5 that have been around on Android for over a year.

If you haven’t done it yet, you should, if for no other reason than because you CAN. And don’t worry, unlike the old fashioned software updates, this one only took about 8 minutes to complete, thanks to Apple no longer downloading the entire 1 GB+ OS each time a change is made. (Incidentally, if you need a REAL reason to update your iPhone to iOS 5.0.1, it supposedly fixes the battery life issues most of us are experiencing. (Or does it?)

To do a OTA Update from your iPhone:





7 Responses to “Do a wireless software update on your iPhone (Because you CAN, that’s why!)”
  1. The Captain says:

    Thanks Doc!
    Love your WiFi network name by the way. 😀

  2. Nico says:

    Apple should enable Push notification for Software updates.

  3. dammitjanet says:

    re:nico, i belive they did push some notifications.

    Just a thing, I’ve updated three devices with no issues and really quickly.

    OTA updates done right.

    Only issue I have is with the install restrictions (plugged into a power supply, or 50% battery), my iPad had 34% battery, enough for say 4 hours of watching video, but it wouldnt allow me to do the update that took 10 minutes.

    Now I know they are erring on the side of caution, but thats a bit silly IMHO.

  4. fizz says:

    I didn’t update my iPhone’ software before but now I want to do it on my iPhone without using iTunes. but in setting the option software update doesn’t appear on my phone. so please help me how can I do it on my iPhone. plz plz…

  5. Emjunkie says:

    if you wirelessly update an iphone it desactivate and u have to activate again with original sim card? or you dont have to activate it again?

  6. Emjunkie says:

    if i wirelessly update my iphone i have to re-activate with the original sim?

  7. Freaky says:

    Is there a way to cancel it when you are halfway updating?

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