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Furby and Siri: A match made in Gzerblens

Watching this video it’s easy to see why Furby was so popular. Just look at the life-like expressions and witty banter he comes up with. It was really like owning your own personal ALF. And seeing this 1980’s technology coming face to beak with with the latest in voice recognition takes me back to the days when the only way to fuck with Furby was to break out a Speak and Spell.

via Mashable

2 Responses to “Furby and Siri: A match made in Gzerblens”
  1. Aldo Johnson says:

    For some odd reason, I totally hated Alf 🙂

  2. andrew says:

    What happens to Furbys when they die? They don’t get re-Furby-ished, they get autopsies! Check it out ==> http://www.phobe.com/furby/

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