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FINALLY! Wireless baby-weighing comes to the iPhone!

Usually around January 5th or so I begin to think “Hmm… maybe I should have booked a trip to CES this year”, but then around January 9th, when I get press releases like this:

Withings Unveils World’s First Internet Connected Baby and Toddler Scale

Las Vegas Nevada, CES – January 8, 2012 — Today, French technology company Withings is announcing its Internet-connected baby and toddler scale, the Withings Smart Baby Scale. With WiFi, Bluetooth and Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy) connectivity, it is the next evolution in home baby and toddler weight tracking. Withings has combined cutting edge technology and exquisite design to create a scale that will give parents all over the world a very simple to use and extremely accurate way to monitor, understand and share their child’s growth. “

I actually use Withings’ WiFi scale and iPhone app (review) to monitor my own weight (although i have been scared to use it for the past 3 weeks) but somehow the ability to wirelessly share your baby’s weight with your friends seems like the very definition of a niche product.

2 Responses to “FINALLY! Wireless baby-weighing comes to the iPhone!”
  1. Mike Major says:

    How did I raise two kids without this?!?!?!?!?!? 🙂

  2. Rob says:

    Mike you may not want it, but I could totally see wives across the country wanting this. Okay, I can’t speak or even begin to guess what a female is thinking, but if my wife’s Facebook activity regarding our two little girls is used as a gauge. Her bunco bitches friends likewise activity is used. They have a market for obsessive, dice rolling, females wanting to brag about their spawn on social media websites…they are golden!

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