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Looks like mobile DTV will be coming to iOS “soon” thanks to Elgato

One of the cooler announcements coming out of CES (tomorrow) is that a diabolically evil-sounding group known as the “Mobile500 Alliance” is showing off technology that will allow for the broadcasting of live digital TV to iOS devices, including DVR-like rewind features as well as On-Demand type programming. While the name may sound sinister, one of the main partners in the venture is Elgato, our favorite Mac DVR company, who will be supplying both the software and hardware dongle that make the whole thing work. In fact, it really sounds like Elgato is finally bringing their EyeTV Mobile service to the US finally.

The announcement (below) seems to be focused more on spreading the word to broadcasters that there’s money to be made in signing up for the service – focusing on the banner ads and user metrics that will apparently be part of the system. But what’s REALLY interesting to me (and probably to many new iPhone users without unlimited data plans), is that an Elgato spokesperson told us that the service is designed to not count against your 3G data limits. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Beta testing of the service is expected to begin in Seattle in the next month or so, which pretty much couldn’t be further from where I live.

“The Mobile500 Alliance today unveiled a breakthrough end-to-end solution that will enable its member broadcasters to build new revenue streams through Mobile DTV (MDTV). The goal is to make the solution available to Alliance member companies after beta launch and evaluation in Seattle.

The demonstration shown at 2012 International CES includes a Mobile500 application for iOS devices that supports audience measurement, ESG data, channel logos, interstitial ads and banner ads. Live recording and time shifting of over-the-air MDTV content will be included through DVR-like functionality built into the app.

Also included in the Mobile500 solution are new tuner devices, which are small adapter/dongles for iPads that will run a TV app from Elgato, incorporate an MDTV chip from Siano, and use Expway’s Mobile DTV middleware and audience measurement solution. At the local television station, Expway’s Electronic Service Guide (ESG) delivery server powers the MDTV head-end.

Audience measurement and the additional ad placements will enable Mobile500 member stations to generate new revenue streams by utilizing their broadcast airwaves. Subscription, pay-per-view, and targeted and interactive ads also will be part of the eventual MDTV offering as the Mobile500 solution is deployed.

The Mobile500 exhibit also will include Opanga Networks and its NetRover™ Mobile content distribution platform, which utilizes the consumer’s 3G/4G/Wi-Fi connection to pre-position movie and TV content into mobile device memory. Mobile500 will be working during the beta launch in Seattle to integrate Opanga’s functionality into the consumer offering from stations.

“We are really pleased that the Mobile500 Alliance has been able to pull together for CES 2012 an end-to-end solution for building a vibrant Mobile DTV business. We feel we have the right partners involved, companies whose combined experience in the commercial deployment of mobile television around the world will enable our member stations to launch an exciting new business model,” said Colleen Brown, chair of the Mobile500 Alliance board of directors and president and CEO of Fisher Communications in Seattle.

“We’re excited to work with the Mobile500 Alliance and our partners Siano and Expway to bring mobile TV to the iPad”, said Markus Fest, Elgato’s CEO. “Our EyeTV Mobile product is already a huge success in other parts of the world, and we can’t wait to see ATSC M/H launched successfully.”

3 Responses to “Looks like mobile DTV will be coming to iOS “soon” thanks to Elgato”
  1. Jonro says:

    Kind of interesting, but not compelling to me. I think I’d prefer a Comcast/Xfinity app that would stream my DVR contents to my iPhone/iPad over the Internet. After Elegato puts banner ads and other garbage on this service, I don’t think it will be worth watching. Time will tell.

  2. MacAddict4life says:

    This sounds interesting. Since it include dongle antenna, does tha mean it won’t consume wireless data plan? I hope not. Any word on price?

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