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“Yellow-Hatted Army of Scalpers” descends upon Shanghai Apple Store for 4S launch

Our faithful Chinese correspondent Min checked in last week with some always interesting news on how iPhone launches are handled in China.
Hi Dr.

How is going? You know, China seems always get the new iPhone the last. Today, iPhone 4s is on sale in China. I figured there must be lots of people waiting in line last night, so I took a trip to the Shanghai PuDong apple store around 10:00pm. It cold very cold outside. There are already hundreds of people waiting outside and most of them are people hired by scalpers. So, I was thinking, okay, that’s not too much people. Then, I started to browse Weibo (Chinese twitter like social media network) to see anything interesting at the other two apple stores in Shanghai. And, someone reported that at the Shanghai HuaiHai road apple store, scalpers have three full bus load of people line up for them!!!!!!! And they move like army with same yellow hats!!!!! This is the craziest iPhone first-day-sell-lining-up event I have ever seen in the world!!!!! (I attached a photo of the scalper’s army I got from someone else’s Weibo report, these people with yellow hats are hired by the scalpers) I also attached a panorama photo I took last night and photos of lineup at Pudong Store this morning at 8:30am.

(image via dfdaily)

According to local news paper, there are 11 buses of people hired by the scalpers last night to buy iPhone 4s at Apple Store, Huaihai Road, Shanghai. According to the news paper report, Scalper will add 500RMB (about 78$) per phone to resale it to normal customers who really want an iPhone 4S. A 16G iPhone 4S is 4988RMB (about 786$), 32G is 5888RMB (about 928$), 64G is 6788RMB (about 1070$)


6 Responses to ““Yellow-Hatted Army of Scalpers” descends upon Shanghai Apple Store for 4S launch”
  1. ObamaPacman says:

    Doc, I thought the hats are orange?

  2. Ramon says:

    That really sucks. I hope apple can come up with a solution to these asses.

  3. Min says:

    Doc, you got my email! I thought something wrong and my emails got lost in the infinite Internet!

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