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If there’s anyone who sould be walking…

Lest anyone think you can’t look cool on a Segway… behold the Woz!

Yes, the helmet, the frappuccino, the giant watch, the presumed thyroid problem… it’s all there ladies. Soak it in.

(Taken from Woz’s visit to Perceptive Software)

[via reddit]

2 Responses to “If there’s anyone who sould be walking…”
  1. John says:

    Walk?!? I’m surprised he can STAND on a Segway long enough to get anywhere.

  2. andrew says:

    Just to get around, It won’t be long until Woz is going to need TWO Segways, either that or a wheelbarrow.

    Could look something like this only holding a paper coffee cup: http://youtu.be/IiZLiyg0Q9s

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