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Review: Apps Gone Free

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Anyone who’s come to the iPod touch/iPad/iPhone gaming market from a Nintendo DS or PSP will likely think it odd that I would bitch about the 99¢ – $1.99 App Store prices, but hey, you download over 2000 of them (as have I) and these things start to add up. That’s why I can’t recommend highly enough Apps Gone Free (free – iTunes Store) icon, which showcases FREE notable apps (including games, books, and Utilities) that have at least the potential of being worth downloading. Each day the App showcases about 6-8 highly rated Apps that have gone temporarily free. Often these prices drops last only a day or so, so it is worth checking back daily.

I find the way the app looks and is laid out to be quite slick as well compared to similar offerings. Apps gone free does a pretty good job of sifting through the crap, although to be honest I think my “delete to keep” ratio is likely about 90-10. Still, I have probably downloaded close to 200 apps through this program, and that means I have saved a decent amount of money. Each listing comes with a description, App Store rating and pictures and in most cases you can get enough of an idea whether an App will be useful/interesting to you from that alone without the need to download it.

I have also found that if you have small children with iOS devices who are far more easily entertained than the average adult, you may find some really great time-killers here as well, as there are tons of games that JUST miss the “fun enough to keep” mark for me that my kids still enjoy. There are other “Free App A Dayicon” apps our there, but this one is by far the slickest, and earns my pick. Go download Apps Gone Free (free – iTunes Store) icon now, and then come back here and thank me.

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  1. Nico says:

    Thank you, Mr. Macenstein! Not only for this delightful reading of yours, but also for saving me time and money!

    All glory to the Hypno.. I mean Macenstein!

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