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I’m not sure why everyone keeps sending me this…

I mean, what makes you guys think I would have any interest AT ALL in watching two hot naked Ukranian girls unbox a new iPad? I mean, yes, I was mildly interested in watching naked Ukranian girls unbox the iPad 2 last year, but that was totally different.

And just as with the iPad 2, I still wonder how a new iPad made it to the Ukraine so quickly. Of course, these shots could easily have been shot here in the NY/NJ area where Ukranian strippers outnumber American strippers about 30 to 1.

Or so I HEAR…

More pictures and a video here!

3 Responses to “I’m not sure why everyone keeps sending me this…”
  1. andrew says:

    A fine piece of journalism to be sure! Mike Daisey eat your heart out (you asshole).

  2. Zach C says:

    Nice music in the video. Shazaam says it’s Vultures (Photek Dub Remix).
    Here’s a link:

  3. Loke2112 says:

    That’s Hot!

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