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Stupid App of the Day: Motivational Poster

Florida Fiero Cycle

Hey, remember those Pseudo motivational posters that were all the rage on the interwebs about 8 years ago? Well, turns out I still think they’re funny. And when on a recent trip I ran into the Fiero-cycle (above), I knew I had to make my own. As you might expect, there is of course an app-for-that, and it’s called (cleverly enough) Motivational Poster (99¢ iTunes)

Apps don’t get much simpler than Motivational Poster – simply choose a picture from your iPhone’s library, choose whether it should be a vertical or horizontal layout via tilting your device, and click to add the text. You can save the image back to your camera roll or share it via Twitter and e-mail and such. Sure, the app may not be 4 popped collars cool, but it does what it’s supposed to.

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  1. George says:

    Or get the free demotivational poster app

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