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Two new ways to “play” with Instagram

Check out these two very different, but equally adorable takes on bringing the Instagram logo to life. Actually, I suppose “life isn’t the best term for this first one, as it was created for a promotion for the upcoming stop-motion Zombie film “ParaNorman” by Laika Studios, and looks like something you might have dug up and then been forced to blow away with a shotgun.

But next up is a decidedly cleaner, less rotten version by by JC Rivera and Scott Wetterschneider that looks so cute it he looks like he was pulled from the all-but-inevitable “iPhone movie” by Pixar.

Unfortunately neither of them are for sale (although I assume you might be able to find one of the ParaNorman ones on eBay pretty soon). Personally I would love to see some other iOS icons brought to life, such as the Fieldrunners, DragonVale, and Tiny Village characters. What iOS icnos would YOU like to see as toys? (And no, you aren’t allowed to choose Angry Birds).

via Super Punch

4 Responses to “Two new ways to “play” with Instagram”
  1. George says:

    Simple Army of Darkness

  2. Renee says:

    Hmmmm… I thought the first was trying to make a statement about the recent FB acquisition.

  3. david wellings says:

    Simple! Automator – he’s a gorgeous little robot icon!

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