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Android tells Apple to Suck It

If there’s one thing that has been missing in the cellular phone wars being waged across the globe, I think we can all agree it’s sodomy. Or, at least it WAS until one enterprising phone store in China decided to let the world know that Apple sucks Droid’s D – – K.

Chinese Droid Store Says Suck it Apple

There’s a couple things worth noting here, most notably that the Droid apparently suffers from a form of sitophilia – the sexual attraction to fruits, AND that it has a decent sized rig. But also worth noting is that this actually appears to be ONE STORE, which is selling both Apple and Android phones, presumably with a bit of bias. So I’m gonna go ahead and say it is NOT an Apple Authorized reseller. I’m also going to go ahead and give this sign a 9.7 on the “creep-o-meter”, as the inclusion of the larger Apple logo, seemingly looking on in horror as the robot has sex with the much smaller Apple, sort of makes it look like the Droid is a pedophile.

via via the wonderful Chris Data

5 Responses to “Android tells Apple to Suck It”
  1. John says:

    I’m kinda hoping that next week you’ll feature a similar photo of me and pretty much any former MCoM.

    • ArtOfWarfare says:

      I think this article is from the POV of Apple, thus I can only assume you mean you want a MCOT to reveal that they are a chick with a cock and make you suck it.

  2. Ryan says:

    Sodomy is not the term you’re looking for here. Try “fellatio”

    • Sodomy
      Sexual intercourse involving anal or oral copulation.

      Pretty sure one of those is what’s happening.
      – The Doc

      • Ryan says:

        Weird, I see your definition in the New Oxford American Dictionary but the Oxford Dictionary of English (British dictionary) says: sodomy |?s?d?mi|
        noun [ mass noun ]
        anal intercourse.

        No mention of oral sex at all.

        Oh and Wikipedia says: “Sodomy (/?s?d?mi/), refers to anal sex or other non-penile/vaginal copulation-like acts, especially between male persons or between a person and an animal.” So apparently it could also refer to bestiality.

        I give up, I’m going to go learn lojban now.

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