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Enter to Win: an iTwin remote file access USB thingy!

No, an iTwin is NOT one half of a set of identical Mac Chicks (although that WOULD be pretty sweet), but it’s the next best thing! It’s a secure file sharing device that works with both Macs and PC’s that allows you to access any files or drives on one computer from another, anywhere in the world, with no monthly fees! Take THAT, Dropbox, iCloud, and a couple other things!

iTwin has a very nice video on their site explaining how it works, but basically one half of the device plugs into one computer, the other into the other computer, and then a wizard waves his wand and magic happens. And it’s actually extremely secure magic, so don’t worry about someone else gaining access to your files, even if they steal half of your iTwin. It’s really quite, slick, won a ton of awards, and I’m seriously considering cheating and somehow giving myself the prize.


A ‘limitless’ USB device that enables users to simply & safely access, edit & share files & media between any two computers anywhere in the world without the security and privacy risks of the cloud
· Compatible and interchangeable with both Mac (Snow Leopard and Lion) and PC (Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7)
· Securely edit and share files – the remote data can only be accessed if the you physically have the matching iTwin with you and the correct password
· Edit remote files directly, with no additional copies created. No need to worry about version control
· Using a disable code, if one half of the iTwin is lost or stolen it can be disabled remotely
· New Features, fixes and enhancements are rolled out regularly and all the automatic updates are free
· iTwin Multi functionality enables multiple users and workgroups to connect multiple iTwins to the same computer to remotely access, edit and share files without the headache associated with email, VPN or remote access software
· Popular Science 2011 ‘Best of What’s New’, CES 2012 Design & Innovation Honoree, Red Dot 2011 Award Winner

To Enter: Yes, good things come in two’s, and while the idea of identical twin Mac Chicks is awesome, there’s got to be at least one other thing you’d like to have twins of as well. So to enter, leave us a comment telling us: What is something you wish you had TWO of? Winner will be picked randomly from all entries received by 11:59PM EST, May 28th, 2012. Open to US and Canadian readers only. Good luck!

75 Responses to “Enter to Win: an iTwin remote file access USB thingy!”
  1. Howard says:

    Two front teeth. I knocked mine out.

  2. Merry Prankster says:

    iPads! Of course. You can never have too many.

    I’m bet most guys are gonna say two hot chicks, but making one women happy is enough work. Thank you.

  3. Chris H says:

    Functional brains; one for doing work, the other for being able to do more enjoyable musings at the same time.

  4. Testicles? Oh wait, I already have two of those. Never mind.

  5. Josh says:

    Ipads. So that way I can actually use one while the kids are using the other.


    I will have to check out the ITWin for my work. Looks interesting.

  6. Steve says:

    tickets to paradise

  7. John says:

    couches. seriously, my kids always take over our one couch.

  8. Damien says:

    Cars, one for fun and one that is practical.

  9. Daniel says:

    I wish I had two hearts, so I could wear one on my sleeve to show people my feelings without dying.

  10. Tom says:

    Two of my wife’s macbook air. She has one and now I want one to play with two!!

  11. Adam says:

    love to have 2 halves of an iTwin

  12. Robert Crosby says:

    iPads – one each for my mum and dad

  13. Grant says:

    Two Billion Dollars.

  14. Misti O'Connor says:

    I wish I had 2 ipads. Between my husband and daughter, I never get to use it!

  15. Jay says:

    two DSLRs so I could dual wield like the pros

  16. Rich Kurtin says:

    Replacement Windows for my house. The 50+ year old wood and glass ones leak air like a sieve and the drafty winter is just no fun.

  17. DG says:

    Two WWDC tickets!

  18. Rick Andrade says:

    I wish I had two hearts… so I could love twice as much 😉

  19. dood says:

    Megan Fox, duh.

  20. Martin Wozny says:

    I love me some iMac twinz

  21. JParks says:

    2 Extra days of the week so I can have a longer weekend to spend time with people…. and sleep.

  22. Rick Bryant says:

    Two new iPads!

  23. Tom Robbins says:

    2 tickets to go to mars and explore! (with oxygen tanks)


  24. Daniel says:

    2 tickets to muse

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