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Games that don’t suck: FIVE-O

What’s more exciting that Scrabble? EVERYTHING! But, imagine if someone added MATH to Scrabble! Now THAT would bring some excitement to the game, RIGHT!??! Well, we’re in luck, because someone did add math to Scrabble, and it’s called Five-O ($1.99 iTunes link)icon, and it’s kind of great.

If you’ve played Scrabble/Words with Friends, you should be able to pick this game up pretty quickly as the gameplay mechanics are nearly identical, except the letters have been swapped out with numbers.

The rules are simple:
You are given 5 number tiles each round. You need to place some or all of them on the board so that the added totals, both across and up and down total a multiple of 5 (meaning 5, 10, 15, 20, etc.), and no number string can be longer than 5 tiles long. That’s it. Fans of the Words with Friends and Scrabble type games will recognize the familiar “bonus” tiles on the board that help you increase your score for playing different numerical “words”, and bring an element of strategy to the game.

If you are a loser with no friends, you can either play Five-O against the computer, or it can match you up against a random online player. For those of you WITH friends, Five-O gives you a list of Game Center friends you can challenge, as well as local “hot-seat” play.

Five-O feels just slightly rough around the edges, and could use some chat and a better rematch system, but it’s still my current time-waster of choice, and since I’m never wrong about anything, you should download Five-O ($1.99 iTunes link)icon right now, before Zynga rips them off. My GameCenter ID is DrMacenstein if you want to start off against an easy opponent (hey, I went to Art school, not REAL school, so be nice).

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