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Having a Cell Phone was ALWAYS cool

Wow, this will take you back, assuming you were alive in the 80’s. Witness Zack Morris’ (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) awesome cell phone from Saved by the Bell.

It’s a slow news day Friday, so there’s really nothing overly Apple about this post, other than Apple should really hire Gosselaar to be the iPhone’s next spokesperson given how ahead of the cell phone trend he was. That’s assuming Apple didn’t blow their celebrity-hiring wad on the nowhere-near-as-cool-as-Zach-Morris Sam Jackson and Zooey Deschanel‘s ads. And of course this would also be dependent on Gosselaar’s availability.

5 Responses to “Having a Cell Phone was ALWAYS cool”
  1. darrell says:

    hard to believe that after all those years, Slater is the only one gainfully employed.

  2. RudeDog says:

    Hey now.. miss Kelly Kapowski is on White Collar…

  3. Reaver says:

    Tiffany amber Thiessen/ Kelly Kapowski has done a variety of things ranging from 90210 to the more current white collar, as well as running through my brain constantly

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