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This is Nelson. Nelson has my stolen iPhone.

Stolen iPhone Disney Cruise

This is Nelson. Nelson has my stolen iPhone.

When Katy McCaffrey couldn’t find her iPhone during a recent Disney Cruise, she suspected the worst, and with good reason. Despite all those stories you read of stolen iPhones being recovered using Find My iPhone, I know from personal experience that not only can’t the police really do anything (my wife’s iPhone was stolen and long story short, they said the area shown by the iPhone’s blue dot wasn’t precise enough to warrant searching a house) the reality is that you really need some hard proof and a lot of luck to get back a stolen iPhone. Or, you need someone with REAL power, like Disney, in your corner.

You see, the less-than-tech-savvy (alleged) thief (and Disney Cruiseline employee) began taking pictures with Katy’s iPhone, not realizing that those photos would then begin popping up on Katy’s home computer via iCloud’s Photostream feature. Through these photos, she was able to identify that the man’s name was Nelson (from his nametag), that he has a pregnant girlfriend who works in the ship’s spa, and that Nelson likes to party. And the best part is, Katy has shared Nelson’s exploits with the world via Facebook. As you can imagine, Disney isn’t having ANY of it.

Via NyMag:

“She posted an album to her Facebook, accusing a Disney Cruise employee of taking the phone and using it to document his wild life on the ship. After being shared almost 4,000 times, the pictures may have helped crack the case: The phone has been recovered aboard the Disney Wonder, and the employee in question is on administrative leave.”

To see the photos, and more importantly, to read the awesome captions Katy wrote for them, check out her Facebook Album entitled “Stolen iPhone Adventures“.

Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Bill for the tip!

8 Responses to “This is Nelson. Nelson has my stolen iPhone.”
  1. facto says:

    Stupidity at it’s finest

  2. The Captain says:

    Outstanding! Let lose the Disney Nazies! We’ll never see that employee again. LOL!

  3. PHILIPE DAVID says:

    “It is the duty of the one who alleges to prove what he says, and not th eone who denies it.” The allegations of the phone owner that it was stolen is questionable. There are many reasons why the allegd nelson had his photos from that phone. he couldhave bought it from a third party, he could have found it form somewhere else, he could have gotten it from someone else, he could have it for various reasons. To unequivocably state that he stole it is problematic. Was the alleged phone robbery reported to cruise ship officials when that incident happened? Were there solid evidence to prove that he actually got or stole it from passenger’s bag? or from wherever she put it? By doing a little research, the alleged owner of that phone could surely have done an objective reporting of the stealing and not necessarily jump into conclusion that this poor nelson stole it. I believe that the phone owner does not want to be accused without enough evidence to prove such allegation. Remember the golden rule.

    • Chris says:

      At best, Nelson is guilty of receiving stolen property. All the evidence points to him as the thief though, and I remind you that it is only in a court of law that the accused must be presumed innocent until proven guilty, and that is because the assumption is that the government has unlimited resources. So while a prosecutor might allege that he’s the thief until a verdict is rendered, Katy is within her First Amendment right to flat out call him one.

      • Ros says:

        Chris, can you be any more pretentious? Your comment is a perfect example of a moron attempting to sound intelligent. Quoting the law and the First Amendment is irrelevant. The fact is you, me, David, and Katy don’t know shit. So let’s not be ignorant assholes and act like we know what really happened.

        • Chris says:

          Sorry, no, YOU don’t know shit. The rest of us know that Nelson is guilty of something. Most likely, theft.

  4. Cube says:

    Enough with the bleeding heart posts trying to victimize the moron who stole the phone! The $500 words make that post even more annoying! The idiot stole a phone & stupidly got busted… end of story

  5. jon lee says:

    serves him right. however he came about the phone, he’s kinda not very smart. i wonder if he even tried the factory reset.

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