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We’re giving away TWO pairs of Wicked Audio 3D Series headphones

Well it’s almost Mother’s Day and once again you haven’t gotten your mom ANYTHING, have you? Well don’t worry, we have the PERFECT gift for Mom! These 3D stereo headphones from Wicked Audio! What makes them the perfect gift? Well, she probably won’t want them, which means YOU get to keep them AND pretend you thought of her! It’s a Win Win!

Wicked Audio: 3D Series
Trend-setting headphones feature striking raised graphics and mind blowing sound
Earcups feature raised, colorful artwork to offer a visually striking 3D appeal
Includes maximum noise isolation to inhibit ambient noise and ensure pure sound quality
Equipped with built-in volume control for maximum control and flexibility
Padded earcups and adjustable headband guarantee a comfortable fit
Available in three different models: Hero, X-Ray, and Airline
Available at: FYE, Fry’s Electronics, Airport Wireless, and additional select international retailers

To Enter: Speaking of winning, to enter just tell us: What is the best thing you’ve ever won? We’ll pick two random winners from all entries. Contest ends Sunday, May 6th at 11:59PM EST. and is open to US residents only. Good luck!

91 Responses to “We’re giving away TWO pairs of Wicked Audio 3D Series headphones”
  1. Sergio says:

    an 20GB iPod, a while back.

  2. Trey says:

    I’ve never won anything…

  3. Ariel Katzen says:

    I’m not a US resident but i will still contribute.

    I have won alot but the most valuable is a watch worth around R 6000( i think like 760$)

  4. Chris justice says:

    I won a laptop cooling stand.

  5. Jon Rosen says:

    I haven’t won anything significant. Doc, you can be the start of my big winning streak.

  6. Matt Murphy says:

    I won a computer controled short wave receiver once many years ago. Still have it too.

  7. John Carter says:

    I won a cookie cake one time as a door prize in 2nd grade. And I won a date with your mom in a game of donkey show bingo.

  8. john smith says:

    best thing I’ve won, 6th grade costume contest won a bag of candy like 12 years ago

  9. ScottIJ says:

    I won a $50 gift certificate to the mall once…

  10. William says:

    I won a montague folding bike.

  11. Steve says:

    I won a math debate!

  12. dlowe402 says:

    I won a three legged race one time all by myself!

  13. Calder says:

    I won a mug once. This would be a pretty big step up. =]

  14. Andy says:

    When I was 5 my Mom took me to the local Easter Egg hunt. I was big for my age, I’m 6’3″ now, and I quickly scooped up all the eggs. I can still remember how all the other kids were standing around trying to figure out what they were supposed to do. I ran out and had all the eggs in my basket before the other kids stepped away from their moms. I won this huge chocolate rabbit that was nearly as tall as I was. Having seen that I had already won the other kids started bawling and their moms complained to my mom claiming that I was older than their kids, which was untrue. We were the same age only I was more developed and brighter. I ate that chocolate rabbit in about 30 minutes!

  15. Gregg Overmeyer says:

    I never won anything. Maybe this time I’ll be lucky.

  16. Phil Holbrook says:

    I’ve only good thing i ever won was the first time i played the lottery, bought my first scratch off and got $100, never bought another one since!

  17. Darren says:

    all i’ve ever won are lousy t-shirts. and a goldfish at a carnival

  18. Christopher Sorel says:

    I won a BBQ grill and still waiting for it

  19. Jerry N says:

    I won a carton of Lucky Strike cigarettes from USO when I was in Sendai, Japan in the US Army fifty one years ago and now I have emphysema, that’s not really winning I guess, but those earphones sure would be nice to listen to in my lonely room.

  20. Boogieman says:

    A Dildo…… Yea aint that some $h**

  21. Mike says:

    A cake at a little league cake walk

  22. Matthew says:

    I won a trip for a 3 day Cruise with Carnival Cruise Line. You had to be present to win and the first person was called and didn’t show and the second person was also not present. When I heard my name called I went running through the store yelling I’m here, I’m here. What a way to win!!!

  23. Jack says:

    A small scholarship that allowed me to afford to go to college.

  24. Teegan says:

    A 3rd Gen iPod (with the capacitive buttons). I won it back in 2004, so it was a pretty nice prize when I got it.

  25. greg wilson says:

    As a kid I won $50 from a radio station for answering a trivia question. I forget the question but the answer was “Cyndi Lauper”

  26. Ron Cross says:

    Tickets to a Butthole Surfers show back in about ’95.

  27. Smack6102 says:

    An iPod sound dock

  28. David says:

    The best thing I ever won was a $100 savings bond at a HS science fair 10 years ago….It won’t be mature for another 10 years or so 🙁

  29. Andrew D. says:

    iPad dock

  30. Greg says:

    Signed poster for xmen first class.

  31. Daniel Scott says:

    I won a gift certificate from a radio station that was holding a “Nastiest Scar” competition
    The contest was supposed to run for a week but after I submitted my pic, the dj’s declared me the winner and
    ended the contest.

  32. CapeTownGuy says:

    Those are nice earphones

  33. Matthew says:

    I won! I won and I love them – thanks so much macenstein!!!! You Rock….

  34. Luke says:

    I won these Chicago bulls Derrick rose headphones at a party, but a girl lost her pair that she won. So her and her friends were going of all night on how im a jerk. She eventually stole them from me when I was in the bathroom. Also she is filthy rich and she already has two pairs of beats headphones and wanted to sell mine. Sadly it’s the coolest thing I won but never got to take it home and use them. 🙁

  35. Pramit says:

    Nothing as good as a plastic trophy fron the dollar store

  36. Ping says:

    The best thing I ever won is a bet and It was about a hockey game and I bet 500$ and then we won so ya best thing I won is a 500$

  37. Stephen says:

    I never won anything in my whole 30 years 🙁
    I enter every free contest and lose

  38. Stephen says:

    I want this for my mom 🙂

  39. Austin says:

    I won a pair of souls by Ludacris in a game at the movies. $2 to win a pair of $70-$80 ear buds.. I gave them to my friend though because he was dying for that pair :p

  40. Sansan says:

    I won a Wii in a contest when I was 10, it was a local contest and I did magic:)

  41. Cassssiebear says:

    I’ve never won a contest before, so I have no input lol.

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