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The Vultures are Circling…

Faithful Macenstein reader Walter sends us this e-mail he got from proMax, looking to cash in on the lackluster Mac Pro update earlier this week. Honestly, I wish I could say proMax was way off base here, but I have to admit, their machines, spec-wise, are everything the new Mac Pros SHOULD have been, and since they totally ripped off the Mac Pro’s aesthetics (achieving similar results to when the Octomom tried to look like Angelina Jolie), the proMax machine does seem like a pretty sweet workstation.

Promax New Mac Pro

“What was a 2.93GHz 12-Core Westmere is now a 3.06GHz 12-Core Westmere processor which was originally launched by Intel in Q1 of 2010. No USB 3.0, no thunderbolt, no Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge processors. This is the “new” Mac Pro.

So what now? Where do you go? No one wants to switch platforms, but high end users are being forced to.”

Tim Cook has addressed “professional” Mac user’s complaints by teasing that if we just wait A YEAR we’ll see something REALLY GREAT. But can we wait that long? As someone who is using a 5-year old Mac Pro at the moment, the idea of limping along on this for another year sounds ALMOST as bad as re-buying my Adobe software and plug-ins in a PC version. And the fact that Cook did not specifically say we are getting a TRULY new Mac Pro next year – just that we’re getting something good – could very well mean next year we’ll see a supped-up Mac mini with 3 thunderbolt ports on it claiming to be the ultimate Professional computer, sort of like the Final Cut Pro X of the desktop world.

What to do, what to do…

4 Responses to “The Vultures are Circling…”
  1. facto says:

    iOS devices are sadly more important. I don’t have a Mac Pro, but I’d appreciate if Apple showed a little something for their faithful users.

  2. Darrell says:

    Apple probably wouldn’t have made any money off the amount of pros who would’ve actually bought one this year.

  3. gewappnet says:

    Well, at least you could install Mountain Lion. I am forced to buy a new Mac if I want features like Safari tab sync or better documents in the cloud, because my MacBook late 2007 will not be supported by Mountain Lion.

  4. Lars Beduhn says:

    Well Final Cut Pro X IS actually pretty awesome and a LOT better than the old FCP was. It just needed some updates to give it feature parity.

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