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C’MON guys! WE NEED To support this – The iPhone case that’s also a stun gun!!

YellowJacket Stun Gun iPhone Case

Well, this project pretty much makes every lame Kickstarter iPad stand or lame iPhone case look… well, LAME. Behold the YellowJacket, the only iPhone case/battery that not only can add 20 hours of iPhone use to your iPhone, but can also incapacitate that would-be rapist/home invader. That’s right! THIS CASE IS A FRICKIN’ STUN GUN! Sound crazy? Sure. But watch this video and tell me if it doesn’t sound slightly less crazy!

Pretty much the ONLY problem with the YellowJacket (aside from all the children who will “accidentally” stun themselves, friends, pets and family, is that it’s really going to be one of those things you buy that either A) you never use, and never know whether it actually works, or B) is one of those things you use on your friends every time you get drunk. Either way, I’m in. I mean, C’mon guys! It’s only one step away from “frickin’ lasers“! So get your ass over to Indiegogo and get this thing funded!

4 Responses to “C’MON guys! WE NEED To support this – The iPhone case that’s also a stun gun!!”
  1. Aleks says:

    I don’t really get the point why someone would like to carry around an iPhone that’s about triple its original size…?

  2. Blake says:

    No one got tazed in the video, bro. I’m disappointed.

  3. ArtOfWarfare says:

    20 Hour increase in battery life + a stun gun sound pretty sweet.

    That much extra bulk + that ugly… not so much.

    They can tempt me with a really low price.

    Oh, nevermind, just saw the price. $100 to preorder. Not a chance in hell for something so ugly.

  4. ArtOfWarfare says:

    More realistic comment now… I assume both the 20 hours increase in battery life and stun gun stem from the same battery charge. I further assume that the stun gun drains its battery completely before the iPhone leaves 100%. So lets say you’ve used up those 20 hours and now you need the stun gun. Will it power itself using the iPhone’s battery, which it helped to keep charge, or is it basically just a decent rock for beating your assailant with?

    How many hours of battery life correspond to an adequate charge to bring down a typical assailant?

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