There are good ideas, there are GREAT ideas, and then there is this - Macenstein

There are good ideas, there are GREAT ideas, and then there is this

iPad Typewriter

You know how sometimes you’re typing out an email on the iPad and you wish the process was slower and louder? Well, good news! Industrial designer Austin Yang has created the iTypewriter. Unlike other high tech iPad keyboards that are portable and rely on the “fad” of Bluetooth, Yang’s iTypewriter kicks it super old-school, relying on touch-capacitive hammers to actually bang into the screen.

I don’t know, for some reason I love this thing, although Yang’s video doesn’t exactly give me the impression the iTypewriter will be a real game changer in productivity.


It is a typewriter for the ipad. Users can enjoy the old feeling of typing and also the lastest technology. Even though the elder users who have never used the computer or ipad, they can use this familiar typewriter and type in the familiar operation way. For some specific group of users, this product provide an easier way to type on the ipad. People could be able to recollect old experience and memory by familiar appearance and haptic feedback. Instead of stroking on the screen with no feedback, this product can reflect a strong haptic feedback. User can experience the physical strength transfer from the keypad and the movement of each key.

5 Responses to “There are good ideas, there are GREAT ideas, and then there is this”
  1. andrew says:

    God I want one!

  2. mike says:

    why on earth is the typewriter keyboard in a different layout than the standard QWERTY??

  3. Rob says:

    I could see the jack holes I work with having one of these and trying to use white out.

  4. Chris says:

    I wonder how many key strokes until it cracks the screen.

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