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Review: HyperJuice Plug 10

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If there’s one thing that the recent Hurricane Sandy taught me, it’s that I can’t live for more than 3 hours without power. Or more specifically, I can’t live for more than 3 hours after my iPhone loses power. While iPhone charging cases are nice and we are finally starting to see a few iPhone 5-compatible models, they generally can only provide one full charge before they’re done. What you REALLY need in times of extended power outages is something like HyperMac’s HyperJuice Plug ($129).

The HyperJuice Plug is a robust external, rechargeable brick of a battery (available in a range stylish colors) capable of charging all your USB-powered devices. The Plug is available in 2 sizes – the 10,400mAh Plug 10 and the 15,600mAh Plug 15. We tested the Plug 10.

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HyperMac claims the Plug 10 can recharge your iPhone up to a 7 full times on a single charge, and while our tests did not quite have those results, we WERE regularly able to get a full 5-plus charges out of it, starting from a fully drained iPhone 5 each time.

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The HyperJuice Plug 10 boasts twin USB ports and is actually powerful enough to charge TWO iPads at once. This means multi-iDevice families can actually survive long car rides, camping trips, or extended power outages without having to form a line behind the Plug 10 for charging time.

Design-wise, the Plug 10 is about as cool as you can make a battery brick. The brushed aluminum housing is cool to the touch, and does not get overly warm even when charging. The Plug 10 recharges itself via a retractible wall plug, so the unit is self-contained and easy to transport. A series of blue-LED lights show an approximate indication of the current charge level, and we found it to be fairly accurate, unlike some packs we’ve tested that go from telling you they have a full charge to empty without warning. It IS heavy though, which makes sense, as it is basically just 99% battery, so odds are you won’t want to carry it around in your pocket (although I DID manage to keep it in my jacket pocket during a recent 2-day jury duty trip, which was a REAL boredom saver. I really appreciated not having to crowd around the few scarce power outlets with the rest of the unwashed masses).

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The Plug 10 performed flawlessly in our tests, and really the only issue we ran into was due to the weight of the unit when charging. At my house, the HyperJuice Plug 10 was actually heavy enough that it was able to pull itself out of the wall plug if I wasn’t careful when I inserted it. However, when I took the Plug 10 to my office, THOSE outlets (which are newer than those in my 60 year-old house) held it tightly, and charging was no problem. So I guess my only word of warning might be that depending on how “lose” your electrical outlet holes are, you may need to make sure the plug is positioned carefully when charging.

If you are a frequent “off-the-grid” traveler or just someone who was rudely awakened to your dependence on your iDevices by a week-long power outage during Hurricane Sandy, you need a device like the HyperJuice Plug 10 (or even the Plug 15). I love the fit and finish of the Plug 10, and the lack of an external power supply for charging is a big plus. The HyperJuice Plug 10 comes highly recommended.

HyperMac’s HyperJuice Plug
Price: $129
Pros: Tons of power (can even charge 2 iPads simultaneously), fairly compact, 2 USB ports, 6 colors, built-in plug for recharging
Cons: Heavy, might have trouble staying in some wall outlets while charging

3 Responses to “Review: HyperJuice Plug 10”
  1. Jon Rosen says:

    The HyperJuice looks very good. You said it was heavy, but how much does it weigh? BTW, this would be a perfect item for a holiday time contest.

    • I don’t have a super precise scale here, but our postal scale has it coming in just over a pound. So I’ll guess like 17 OZ. I don’t want to make it sound like it is going to break your back, it’s just a solid lump. So imagine stacking 4 iPhones on top of each other. Something like that.
      – The Doc

  2. Guy Mifsud says:

    Where can I buy this item?
    IS it designed to be used in Europe ( can it handle 240 v ststem ) ?

  3. Good Morning

    Can you use your device while the Plug 10 and/or the Plug 15 is charging that device ?



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