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Eerily detailed Steve Jobs action figure begins taking pre-orders

Continuing the long tradition of foreign countries with spurious copyright laws selling Steve Jobs-related merchandise (and then subsequently being served with cease-and-desist letters from Apple), Legend Toys is now taking Pre-orders for it’s $199 Steve Jobs Collectible figure.

“As the first product of Legend Toys! The “Steve Jobs” collectible figure which is arranged by Mr. Kato, our head designer and sculptor is finally here! The pursuit of the overwhelming reality by Legend Toys resulting in this super realistic 12 inches collectible figure! Accompany with the highly detailed clothing and accessories. We created this perfect Steve Jobs with heart!!

On the anniversary of Steve Jobs death. People around the world are remembering him because they were fascinated and moved by his passion and creativity. This also became the idea of ??making this figure. Our wholehearted design team with astounding technique make this life like high quality 12 inch collectible figure possible. Even his clothing has been reproduced so detailed!! The set also comes with a leather sofa and his beloved “Apple”!!”

I’m not sure why it comes with a leather sofa, unless perhaps it is because he cannot stand in a sturdy way, but you do have to admit, the level of detail here is quite astounding, if not REEEEALLY creepy. I mean look at these shoes!

Steve Jobs action Figure shoes

Still, if history can be any gauge, these things will sell out and then double in value on eBay, so if you are a die-hard Apple collector, get in early, because these things will either sell out, of be taken down quickly.

Steve Jobs action Figure

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  1. Min says:

    Wow! They even managed to put it on Steve Jobs wax figure!

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