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New iWatch video showcases bleak future after Zombie Apocalypse

Well, this has got to be the best fake Apple product concept video/ post-apocalyptic survival movie I’ve ever seen. Check out this amazing video made by faithful Macenstein reader Zach King. Set in the year 2019, it tells the story of a beautiful 16-year old girl, alone in a world ravaged by some unknown plague, in which she, her trusty iWatch, and a copy of Tangled, are apparently all that remain of society.

OK, so maybe that isn’t EXACTLY the plot, but the fakery is certainly well done enough to probably fool Fox reporter Lidia Cursnaj who famously reported that the then-unreleased iPhone 5 was going to have a laser holographic keyboard because of features she saw depicted in a clearly labeled concept video she saw online. Let’s watch it again now (as I do every night before going to bed), and then imagine what Lidia may do do when she sees this iWatch video.

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  1. ArtOfWarfare says:

    I believe that we’ll have things you can feel but not see before things that you can see but not feel (IE, holograms.)

    It’ll be immensely useful with touch screens to be able to feel your way around the touch surface even though it’s actually flat, plus I think the technology is about ready for consumer products. Holograms? I think something Google Glass is probably as close as we’ll be getting to that for the next decade.

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