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Review: X-Doria’s Dash Folio for iPad mini

X-Doria Dash Folio

I’ve been an iPad user since day 1, and an iPad mini owner since… maybe day 57 or so…. (not as impressive, I know). But in all my days of tablet use, I have yet to find a portfolio-style case that I enjoyed using.

Until now. (Queue harp music).

X-Doria Dash Folio

Actually, X-Doria’s Dash Folio for iPad mini ($39.99) is probably not all that different or revolutionary as far as folio cases go, and it might be a little hard for me to put a finger on why this case speaks to me when others have not, but let’s just say it gets everything you’d want from a folio case right – from the weight to the texture, to the small thought-out features. And perhaps most impressive, the build quality on the Dash Folio has proven to be some of the most durable I’ve seen, and I’ve had this case on the iPad mini of my 11-year old daughter (who isn’t exactly gentle) for about 5 weeks now.

X-Doria Dash Folio

So what makes a great portfolio-style case? Well, for me it needs to not get in the way when gaming or surfing the internet, but also function well for video watching and reading. The Dash Folio succeeds in all areas. Inside the folio is a full-frame rubberized holder that keeps your iPad mini safe from drops and bumps. Covering that is a very leather-like (but not leather) material that looks great and feels even better in the hand. There’s some nice stitching on both the front and rear of the case that serve no purpose as far as I can tell, other than providing style, which they do.

The Dash Folio is available in both black and brown, and the black looks blacker than my shots here show (blame the iPhone’s camera). There’s a camera cutout on the back which is well-placed and does not allow for the case to creep in around the edges of your pictures, as some other cases do. Finally, there is a well-made, built-in elastic-style band that can be twisted from the front to the back to hold the case shut when need be. Picture wrapping a big rubber band around a book, but much nicer. This strap works well, and I think it is one of the reasons this case has lasted longer than similar portfolio cases that are subjected to “spine stress” when they flop open in a bag or such.

X-Doria Dash Folio

One feature that people seem to love in the iPad line is its ability to wake and sleep the screen when it comes in contact with magnets, and the Dash Folio delivers here as well. The magnetic lid worked consistently well in turning off the screen when closed, thus prolonging valuable battery life.

Personally my favorite feature of a portfolio case is the ability to watch video “hands free”, and the Dash Folio lets you prop the display up for multiple viewing angles. So whether you are watching a Netflix movie in your bedroom or watching TV on the FiOS app while you cook in the kitchen, the case made video watching a joy.

X-Doria Dash Folio


If you like the look of a portfolio case, then X-Doria’s Dash Folio for iPad mini comes highly recommended. Boasting all the features you’d want, such as a kickstand design, magnetic lid, wonderful build quality and styling, we’ve yet to see a better iPad mini case come across our desk.

Price: $39.99
Pros: Well-made, stylish, adjustable stand for video watching, magnetic lid, elastic strap to keep closed
Cons: None significant

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