Happy Birthday to us! Macenstein turns 8 and we’re giving YOU presents! - Macenstein

Happy Birthday to us! Macenstein turns 8 and we’re giving YOU presents!

My goodness, where does the time go!? It seems like only yesterday we decided to stop wasting our time reading Mac sites and instead waste our time running one, and now here we are, celebrating our eight year anniversary. And like most 8-year olds we are not nearly as cute as we used to be – lots of missing teeth and adult teeth too big for our mouths mixed in with creepy small baby teeth…


Oh well, I know there’s one sure-fire way to hold onto your friends, and that’s paying them to stay! So we’re giving three lucky readers their choice of a $50 iTunes or Apple Store gift card! Yes, we wish we could pay you all, but we had to cap it somewhere, and really three friends makes going on rides easier.

To Enter: Speaking of rides, to enter simply leave us a cmoment telling us the scariest/most fun amusement ride you ever went on.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to once again keep this contest US-only. Three winners will be chosen randomly from all entries received before 11:59AM Eastern Time, Sunday, September 8th.

120 Responses to “Happy Birthday to us! Macenstein turns 8 and we’re giving YOU presents!”
  1. Bob says:

    My favorite ride is definently medusa at six flags! It is soo fast and has eight loops!????

  2. Dave says:

    Happy birthday macenstein! I’ve been using this website for almost three years for gaming and it’s great to see that it is is still the best website for mac lovers, gamers, and gaming. The scariest ride I’ve ever been on is definently medusa at six flags. It goes soo fast and has eight loops!

  3. Rick says:

    Blue Streak at Cedar Point this summer. A smaller wooden roller coaster, but took 7 yr old grandson on it for first time. He barely made the cutoff of 48″. I was laughing at his reaction (white as a ghost), scared as he nearly slipped below the safety bar. He couldn’t wait to get off of the ride!

    He was able to compose himself an hour later and went on Iron Dragon, a suspended coaster, which he enjoyed. Gotta get them started young!

  4. Don says:

    Happy Birthday Macenstein.

    The magnum @ Cedar point. The first time I rode it, I had just won an Iron Maiden mirror from a weight guessing booth…and tucked it between my feet for the ride. After the first hill, the ride jerked upward into a tunnel…the mirror slipped loose. Momentum caused it to float up to about chest height, hover for a second, and crash back to the floor shattering all over. We spent the rest of the ride horrified that shards of glass might shred us. Pretty spooky.

  5. Vivian says:

    Happy Birthday Macenstein! I remember the first time I found this website. It seriously helped me at times of need such as which dragons to breed to get s specific dragon.

    I have to say, the scariest ride would be the one in Six Flags. Sadly I forgot the name of it but it was one of the scariest moment I have ever experienced. The reason why is because a day before the trip to six flags, my dad had a friend who shared a story about a man who’s buckle went loose and he went flying into a forest which later found was dead right when he impacted the ground. While I was riding that particular ride, I almost fainted since I thought I was going to die. Never again have I ever went back on that ride or even the amusement park at all.

  6. Gregg says:

    A ride in the sixties locally called ” The Wild Mouse ” It was a small roller coaster for kids, about thirty feet high and about a hundred feet around. The single cars had wheels set to the very back,so that when you went around a curve, most of the car would swing off the edge of the track and you would feel like it was flying off the tracks. Scary for a kid! It may have been just a local ride , however it was around in our local amusement park for more than thirty years (Mesker Park)

  7. mike okolo says:

    my scariest experience was my first time on King Da Ka at six flags! i was about 10 at the time (8 years ago) and when they buckled me in it felt so loose! i was scared for my life and i thought i was going to fall off. I held on tight and shut my eyes for those few seconds and i had a blast!

  8. Jordy says:

    My scariest and most fun experience was the mamba at six flags . It is high speed up and downs. You get the feeling that you are flying. I was super scared after riding it but rode it the more times. It takes picture when you go down the last one and I have a very scared look on my face each time.

  9. Destany says:

    The scariest ride I have ever rode, by far, was Judge Roy Scream at Six Flags.

  10. Kirsa says:

    The first one I ever rode was a ferris wheel when I was about 6 years old. It broke and left my older sister and I sitting at the very top for what seemed like hours, and then we were the last ones off the ride once it was working again. I am very afraid of heights, and have never been able to get the courage to go on another ride…

  11. Kasey says:

    The scariest but most fun ride was a few years ago when I was scared to hell of roller coasters and hieghts but for some reason the roller coaster at circus circus in Las Vegas didn’t scare me even tho it had two loops and a giant corkscrew. It was fun but the cart my dad sister and I went in was so lose!! When we went on flips it dropped about two inches! Even tho that happened I still loved it. P.S HappyBirthday!!????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  12. Skeeter Nummelin says:

    the wild chipmunk at Lakeside in Denver!! it’s crazy awesome life in someone else’s hands fun with a few near fatal accidents – it’s amazing!!

  13. Hayden says:

    Black mamba worlds of fun first roller coaster and it was with my dad

  14. Rain says:

    My favourite ride is the teacup ride. Iol I was always afraid of going on an other rides. But the teacup ride was sooo epic. The way it moved you and you enjoyed the ride of seeing little children smile ( actually no, kids aren’t my thing :). You also get the epic sensation of getting dizzy then vomiting!!!!!! It’s great you should try it sometime

  15. Raine says:

    The most fun amusement ride I ever went on was the Windseeker at Cedar Point. It lifts you 300 feet into the air and you can see the beach, the lake, and the whole park. Very mellow and a great ride!

  16. Iris says:

    The scariest ride I ever went on was the Scream ride at Six Flags. Almost had a heart attack!! lol

  17. rachel Duece says:

    Scariest ride I have ever been was the Millineum at Cedar point in Ohio

  18. Georgianna Grimes says:

    The scariest ride I’ve been on is the Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point. The part that made it scary wasn’t so much the ride itself, it was the warning after being buckled in and ready to take off. Just before launch there is a sign that reads, “Due to different weight distribution, you may be taken backwards to the platform mid launch to re-launch.” Made me feel like I was in a shady ride, kinda nerve wracking.

  19. Debiw wells says:

    My scariest ride wasn’t a scary ride by design…it was scary due to the lax safety concerns in the state of TN. My daughter (7 at the time) and I were living in Knoxville, TN for a few years as I was on a temporary assignment. We decided to see how their State Fair compared to ours back home (born and raised in Santa Clara county, CA. aka silicon valley). They had a large lake with one of those rides where you ride through the air in a bucket like thing on lines. It was dark, but there were fountains in this small, man-made lake and we thought it would be nice to ride over to where the amusement rides were. We had ridden on similar rides at Disneyland/World, Great America/six flags and at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. We got in our bucket, that was pretty open on the 3 sides in front and beside us and it took off. Very quickly we realized that there were no seatbelts, no automatic harness came down…there was no safety apparatus at all to keep us in our bucket. Between and in front of us there was a piece of rebar about 3ft high with a crossbar about 4″ soldered on top making a t shape. It was windy and the bucket was swaying as it flew over the lake. We were scared to death…something that always appeared to be a prissy ride suddenly was scarier than any roller coaster (and we had been to MANY amusement parks all over the country). I did my best to keep my kid from falling out, making her hold the little rebar thingy and holding her back with my arm. We got to the other side of the lake where the employees physically barred us from getting off the ride and made us repeat the terrifying journey. My daughter cried the entire time (she’s no wuss). When we finally got off and sat down with coffee and a coke, she started me in the eye and said “this state is NOT safe. These people are savages and should not be allowed to have children” (this is a 3rd grader). Of course this is after our other 2 scariest rides (see below).

    AGAIN, living in TN……
    One of those travelling carnivals had set up in a grocery store parking lot close to my kid’s school. The boys in our neighborhood and in her class were excited to see that they had a ride called the gravitron. It’s one of those rides where the public stands against the wall after entering the ride. The ride is circular. The ride spins the people in the circle around, faster and faster until it is spinning so fast that the force holds the riders against the wall and the operator makes the floor drop down below them while they are pinned to the wall. More about that in a minute. The first ride my daughter went on was a child sizes roller coaster. There were about six cars linked together,. The first car had a large fiberglass, cartoonist, alligator head…it was called Go Gator. My kid gets on and it goes around the track a couple times, then the operator started manually make it goj forward and backward in what looked to be raised Dom fashion. The operator had a thick, what appeared to me to be a LA accent. He kept bellowing “go gator, go go gator, go gator go” and laughing his butt of. After a few minutes I thought that something just didn’t seem right. I looked around and nobody seemed to be stressed or upset about the operator’s behavior. I decided to get closer to the guy and could smell the beer from a little over 2 ft away. I demanded that he stop the ride so my child could get off. He refused. I demanded a little more loudly and could see that people were starting to notice I was losing it. He refused again. I bodybuilder, accused him of being drunk and threatened him with the police and a lawsuit against him and his employer, butler amusement (they are everywhere, and yes…I still check 30 years later). He refused. I body checked him, he fell to the left and I went to the operator’s panel and pressed the red emergency stop button. The guy had picked himself up off the ground and was screaming at me. I yelled to my daughter to get off the ride and walk along the catwalk next to the tracks to the exit. I could see some carnival management types, looking kind of huffy, coming toward the ride. By then the other parents were losing their minds and started a screaming match. We walked off. My daughter begged and begged to let her ride the gravitation instead of leaving immediately. Against my better judgement I agreed. I don’t like rides that go round and round so I let her go on with some kids that lived in our gilded. The ride started spinning and eventually you could see that the floor dropped. The kids inside were really screaming. I thought that they must have some kind of added attraction inside that scared the kids…until I heard someone screaming “FIRE”. Luckily this operator was sober,I checked him out before she got on, and he grabbed a fire e,extinguisher, called out some kind of internal code word and stopped the ride. The kids and smoke came printout. I physically picked up my kid and went to the car. She told me one of the TV monitors that played videos had exploded and the wall behind it caught fire.

    Now all of this followed her first day of school. They had an earthquake drill. It was a 3 story building, 3rd through 5th grade (there were 13 3rd grade classes). She was instructed to grab her belongings and to line up by the door. They were to wait for the teacher to lead them to the staircase. The elevator next to the staircase was for disabled children and kids with injuries. Everyone was to go down 2 flights of stairs in an orderly fashion and line up by class in front of the school, which was almost completely glass. Being from CA, my daughter asked the teacher why they didn’t get under their desks. She told her that she didn’t make the rules for the drill. When she got home she told me I wasn’t gonna like something that was amongst the myriad of papers that come home for review or signatures on the first day of school. I read the earthquake procedures and was aghast. The next day I brought a Sunnyvale, CA phonebook that had earthquake/disaster instructions. I was aware that the biggest earthquake in our country occurred in TN. The epicenter was in Memphis. It was so strong it made the Tennessee river run north instead of south and made church bells ring in Boston. I brought the information to the principal and explained that nothing can be done in an orderly fashion when the earthbound and that glass and things falling from the ceiling were a danger (one wall of the classrooms was glass with many of them co figured with students or a teacher within inches). Even with the phonebook backing me up he told me I was wrong. I have no idea where he got his PhD, but I’m guessing a 3rd world country. I finally ended up with the district superintendent who didn’t believe me when I told him. Finally it came down to me telling him that my daughter was going to use comment sense and follow my instructions during an earthquake and would roll her eyes at her teachers during a drill and I would be more than happy to testify in the behalf of any student that was hurt or injured due to their policy.

    So…..I guess TN, in general, was my scariest ride. It’s a beautiful state nonetheless.

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