DragonVale: How to breed a Dark Dragon - Macenstein

DragonVale: How to breed a Dark Dragon

DragonVale Dark Dragon
BUY-IT Price: 3,000,000 Coins

HOW TO BREED: Dark Rift and Dark Rift / Dark Rift and Light Rift

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
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DragonVale Dark Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the DragonVale Dark Dragon Egg

159 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Dark Dragon”
  1. marcia says:

    After you cast enough magic at your 9999 habitat, it moves up to a 14,000 bar and says it has enough room for 5 dragons. Don’t yet know where they will come from as currently only has 2 eggs in it.

    • Danny says:

      After the 14000 upgrade, it maxes out and can no longer be upgraded. You recieve a further egg, bringing the grand total to 3, and your habitat, when you recieve it, will hold a grand total of 5, presumably meaning that you can acquire 2 more through breeding. Also, apparently, if one form of magic returns to the world before you have managed to upgrade the habitat to hold 5 dragons (prior to the 9999 upgrade), then your habitat will, also apparently, be that size forever-more and not be upgradeable.

      • NeedPrivacy says:

        Hi Danny,

        You wouldn’t happen to know what happens to all the magic if the challenge ends before the next level is reached? iE: I’m trying to finish the final level that requires 14,000 magic. Have just about 10, 000 magic. But another light addition added to The Tines of the Scar today leaving one small slot before that side is full and a 3000 magic cap per day. Is all magic lost if we don’t reach the goal before the challenge ends or is it transferred to the other side that hasn’t completed yet? Any one know?

        • Dyeyar says:

          Hi needprivacy,

          From what i understand, if the light start to come back, you can still fill up on the dark. But I.E. you havent max out your light magic bar the time it reached the top, you’ll only have those rewards you acquired.. Then all the magic will only be cast on dark…

          Then again we dont know what other ” SURPRISES” this game will give us like making dragon’s gold production cut down by 50% and many more frustrating changes…. Im playing this game for more than a year now coz i really like this game, and now im starting to play that other dragon app where you can battle with other player’s dragon…. LOL…

          • NeedPrivacy says:

            Hi Dyeyar,

            Thanks. Well I found out the hare way that you just lose all magic if you don’t fill up the next level. I had 13,400 toward the 14,000 goal and for some reason the Tines of the Scar kept saying 1 hour left before magic replenishes. I was hoping to finally get over the top with the new magic. No such luck it had already ended for light but my game didn’t reset yet. Augh. Now I’m in the race to get the next level of dark at 9999 and with 3000 cap a day it’s futile.

            Yea, I saw where all the light eggs were the same. Started breeding the two Light dragons I have and can already tell the new rule changes for not knowing what the heck we are getting is going to ruin the game for even these new dragons. Still upset about losing needed dragon cash from rare dragons too. what a sneaky low down thing to. Do to longtime players. I blew through gems I didn’t have to spare so I’m rather ticked to see the reward is just a dragon egg I could have bought. Lol oh well. Do tell me more about the other dragon game and if its Not owned by Hasbro I’m interested! Lol

        • Danny says:

          No, sorry, I don’t. There seem to be lots of schools of thought on the subject, but nothing I’ve read is official or confirmed, and nothing specifically about the “excess” magic you gave left invested in a particular dragon type when that type returns to the world! Hell, I don’t even know if the 3 eggs recieved for noth types (6 in all) means I will get 3 light and 3 dark when those elements return (in turn), or it just means I will get 3 dragons, either light or dark, dpending on which one returns first! Gotta say, I will be very, VERY annoyed if I only get one or the other… But I digress…

          In any case, what Dyeyar says in response to your question is probably correct…

          • colt says:

            if u didn’t finish filling the light side bar before it completed, you get however many eggs you have completed, then you get a rift egg pedestal for what you didn’t finish, stupid, it should have put that wasted magic towards the dark side. SUCKS!!

          • NeedPrivacy says:

            Hi Danny,

            See the above… I lost it all. Should have just put it in the dark and would have leveled up. No roll over magic with this game. Augh

            thanks for your response. It also looks like all the eggs are the same too so I’m not going to knock myself out trying to get all three for the dark side. Then again with the crap shoot they’ve turned breeding into I’m glad I at least have two of each for both breeding caves. That is if I keep playing…getting tired of seeing changes in this game that have the stench of greed. Sigh

    • Junhong Chu says:

      What if you don’t have a dark or light dragon then how do you breed it?!?!?!?!?!

  2. NeedPrivacy says:

    Something stinks here… First we find out they took 50% of the profits away from the panlong dragon. It’s supposed to give 286 magic a minute at lev 15 ( without any boost) mine have two boost and they are now making 177! Then I started checking other combo dragons with several elements and they have been downgraded in profits too! Check your frost fire and blue fire and see what I mean. Augh. This is sneaky low down crap. No wonder my habitats were taking so long to fill up to give ” magic” points. Great way to treat loyal players eh? So does this mean people get their money back if they paid to upgrade their dragons? I didn’t but I have friends who paid plenty. This update is starting to reek of the way Hasbro operates…they now own consoling stocks of Backflip.

  3. Willy Stacks says:

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  4. Willy Stacks says:

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  5. DarkDragon says:

    Argh… Light Dragons came first, I wonder if they’ll ever do Dark.

  6. Lazzar says:

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    I play all the time :)!

  7. Daltman says:

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  8. JuiceySpears says:

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  9. Eric Loh says:

    How do I get more magic? I got 5000 more to reach 9999

    • jp_sam says:

      Yeah, you’re not gonna make it to 9999 unless you buy it with in-app purchases.

      • Eric Loh says:

        Looks like the magic thingy is just a waste of time. Both the dark and light dragons can be bought in the market and it don’t even cost gems.

        • hunter says:

          you guys are idiots, you don’t understand…. the magic is for the rift dragons!!!!!!!!!!! and a special one of a kind habitat, size depending on how much magic you gave!

        • Danny says:

          Not really; by aquiring more magic you upgrade your Dark or light Reward habitat to maximum, something you cannot actually buy in-game. These are different to the habitats on offer, if you want them. Also, the eggs you are given are not Light or Dark dragon eggs, they are Rift Dragon eggs, infused with either Light Or Dark magic. The higher your magical input, the kore you get given, up to a amximum of 3 per each (light and dark). You can buy Rift Dragons in-game, but they are the most expensive at over 3000 gems each!

          It’s kind of moot now, as the magic event has finished, but there were special reasons to keep upgrading your magic…


  10. teresa says:

    Even though breeding time is shown as 10, I get a 13 hour.. what’s up?

  11. Serpo says:

    I got the same problem as teresa. Why is that? It takes up my breeding time and is annoying. Plus these days when I breed solar eclipse with blue moon I get random dragons. Why? Somebody please reply.

  12. Serpo says:

    Kind of annoying though when I think that I will be able to breed 3 hrs earlier

  13. Arya says:

    I started breeding for the new dark dragons, and my incubation times have been messed up.I got a 13 hr and 30 min time breeding dark and plant, and a 9 hr time breeding dark and earth. Is anyone else having the same issue?

  14. viki says:

    Does anyone have an idea what will happen with the rift island now floating without any use or purpose?

  15. firedragon101 says:

    What two dragons do you use to breed a dark dragon
    And pls tell me dragons that arn`t gems.

  16. Nancie says:

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  18. Freddie says:

    I got it with dark rift and light

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  20. Erica says:

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  21. Lina says:

    anybody know what dragon’s egg is the third one? the black one? the hella sick looking one?

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