DragonVale: How to breed a Dark Dragon - Macenstein

DragonVale: How to breed a Dark Dragon

DragonVale Dark Dragon
BUY-IT Price: 3,000,000 Coins

HOW TO BREED: Dark Rift and Dark Rift / Dark Rift and Light Rift

(This guide is part of a larger DragonVale breeding guide. For the full list of breedable dragons, click here.
If you would like to help support my rushing breedings & incubations to discover the latest dragon combos for you, please send me gems – GameCenter ID = “Dr Macenstein” & “MacensteiniPad”. Of you can give us BOTH gems by entering my Friend code in the REDEEM section under SOCIAL. It’s 5074276. Thanks!

DragonVale Dark Dragon Egg

The 1st Egg is the DragonVale Dark Dragon Egg

159 Responses to “DragonVale: How to breed a Dark Dragon”
  1. Joshua says:

    this isnt on idevices yet

  2. ICEY wolf says:

    Is there a level requirement???

    • NeedPrivacy says:

      Hi Icey Wolf,

      I haven’t seen a level requirement because friends I trade gems with are at all levels and the new magic island comes automatically with this update in which a player can already start to contribute magic to a light or dark dragon…or both.

  3. M orgaine says:

    You have to update Dragonvale.

  4. Bobobnob says:

    Will the game allow us to get both light and dark, or do you only get whichever one you choose?

    I like the concept and all, but it would be a serious let down if you don’t get to have both. I wouldn’t still be playing Dragonvale after all this time if I didn’t have a “Gotta catch ’em all” attitude about it.

    • GoddessOfDestruction says:

      From what I understand, you can only get one or the other not both be cause it says that whichever magic you bring back first will influence the egg.

      • NeedPrivacy says:

        I think this means that is the dragon you get first. I can’t see the allowing us to contribute magic points to both dragons at the same time but only rewarding an egg for one. Hope that is the case. I guess we’ll have to wait until someone does it. Lol

      • Dyeyar says:

        Hi guys,
        Ive hope this info help… I already got an egg on light and still adding magic (light) and upgrade my habitat, then i got the second egg on light but ull need to add 7000+ … Then i started adding on dark and viola i got an egg on dark…. Im juz wondering if when will it hatch so i may see if there different coz the egg juz look the same.

        And please add me my gamecenter is Flamemaster23 if u wanna see wat im talking about… I also do gem for gem…

        • NeedPrivacy says:

          Hi Dyeyar’s,

          I just now finished adding magic to the next level of light and earlier I finally finished first level of dark. The dark habitat added an egg and then reset the magic bar. The light habitat got larger and it said it now holds 3 light dragons. I only have one light egg and one dark but I think that is what this is all about…IE: keep adding magic. Whichever one was filled first will eventually be hatched first. Whatever size the habitat has been built up to is how many dragons it will hold. I think the catch is that ” now” we can use magic to do these things whereas after they finally allow the first dragon to be hatched they will probably change it to buying with gems.

          BTW I’ve been loading up on magic by buying the cheap bush over and over again. Augh it’s tedious but it never stops giving magic. Also you will see how much time is left before the magic replenishes in the park in the Tines of the Rift. That is the large vortex in the top middle of the new magic island. Click on it then hit the ? Mark and the hour glass will show how much time us left. Then visit all freinds parks, and play the races. You’ll get magic fast this way. Hope that helps anyone out there who may be getting frustrated.

          • Dyeyar says:

            Hi NeedPrivacy (is that your gc account?)

            Thanks.. I also found a way to gather magic REAL FAST, but ill cost much food/gem.. If you have a low level dragon youll have to feed it til level 20… The first time i did that i got 700+ magic, 500, 450 way down to 200… I kept doing it till they stop giving of magic… But its just me… Its not practical of course coz ull have to spend tons of gems / food… Please add me Flamemaster23 is my gc… I love to see your park, you can check mine as well…

          • NeedPrivacy says:

            Hi Dyeyar,

            Yes NeedPrivacy is my GC account name. Feel free to send me a request if you want to visit my park. Just know my gem tree is full of friends to gift with already so I won’t be able to give you gems. But you will be able to still collect money from party hats and earn magic points by visiting so why not? lol I’d love to see your park too. It’s fun to get good ideas and see how creative everyone else gets.

          • Dyeyar says:

            Hi NeedPrivacy

            Thanks for accepting… Beautiful park youve got there… I saw a link on the light dragon page from OHM, it pretty much explain the latest change in dragonvale… Ive already got my 2nd egg on dark and filling up my 9999 magic bar on light…. Dont know what next after that…

          • NeedPrivacy says:

            Hi, Dyeyar

            Glad you liked my park! I accepted your request but still haven’t been able to visit your park? Great job on adding more eggs. I finally got two light eggs and one dark. Trying to finish second dark egg but maxed out on magic until it replenishes. I noticed they added another bar on both sides today on the Tines of the Scar. Now I think this means this is how many upgrades and eggs the Draginvale community has collected as a whole. How far up the Tines they will go in adding these bars remains to be seen. But since the upgraded light/ dark habitats only hold 3 eggs I think this is finally it!

          • Dyeyar says:

            Hi needprivacy,

            Yup, i notice it too… From what i read on that link isaw, you can hold up more than three dragon after you fill up the 9999 magic bar and that habitat would be more unique than the one they will sell on the market when the hatchings start. And this unique habitat wont count on ur max habitat.. You should check on that link, its on the light dragon page…. Oh and btw,we can send a message thru the challenge on gc…

          • Needprivacy says:

            Hi Dyeyar,

            Good to know! I’m still working on finally filling up the 9999 point level augh.

            Hey I finally saw your park too! Wow, awesome park! Saw you have two light and two dark eggs. Omg…lot of work. Lol I’ve done good to get two light and one dark. Then quit dark to try to finish the 9999 level for light. Do you know what comes next yet?

            That will be a bummer for new players of this game if they can never get the upgraded habitat after this community event is over. I figured it would be so something like this or a crazy high demand for gems or money for anyone who missed getting more eggs or larger habitats. Thanks for the tips. How do I message in GC? Lol

          • Dyeyar says:

            Hi NeedPrivacy

            Thanks for the visit in my park, glad you liked it… I finished filling up the 9999 bar and got an upgrade on the habitat that can hold 5 dragons…now i need ANOTHER 14000 to get the third egg…. Errrr.. But im filling up my 9999 on dark now…how much magic can you gather in a day? Coz i think i can only give 3000+….

            You just need to send me a challenge in gc and you can put a message with it… I run out of idea on what to put in my last island, but i reserving it for those incoming dragons…lol..

    • DragonVale player says:

      Lol. Anyways. What dragon r u gonna choose

    • Horsey says:

      You can choose any one of them you want I choose to but all my magic on the dark side but you can choose the light side if you want or but the same amount of magic on both

  5. GoddessOfDestruction says:

    I currently don’t have this update. How do I update DragonVale on my Kindle Fire HD? Have never had to worry about this before as it has been updating automatically until about a month ago.

  6. Dragons rule!!!!' says:

    It looks really cool when you update dragon vale, it looks รผber epic! I cannot wait to get my first rift dragon!( whatever they are!)

  7. Monique says:

    Missing 99 magic i am getting no more magic .any one else got that problem

    • NeedPrivacy says:

      Hi Monique,

      It pays high magic at first then goes way down for the same action. Each day it replenishes.

    • brrdgrrl says:

      It may be one of 2 things: You have to “spend” the magic on one of the eggs then you can get more magic OR for some of the actions you only get so much magic.

      It seems I only get magic for growing Sarjin peppers 2x from each Huge Treat farm then I change to Omega Squash; also same things with Large Plant habitat, it seems like only get magic once for collecting from that habitat. Also the large rainbow habitats have to be totally full not just showing that they are ready for coin collection to get magic from them.


  8. cyprus says:

    Hay doc it would be nice if you can answer my question my question. Is it possible to get the both the light and the Dark dragon Thx Plx reply

    • NeedPrivacy says:

      Hi Cyprus,

      I’m just guessing to answer your question because I haven’t filled up the magic for a light or dark dragon yet. I assume we can get both or else they wouldn’t allow us to fill them up simultaneously. I also assume they have a whole string of new dragons based on the primary light and dark ones. Someone already posted a breeding key in the comments section of the apple app for Dragonvale to show how to breed many new light and dark dragons…but they are all based on a dragon called Zeus? Hope that helps!

  9. Lazzar says:

    Add me to do gem for gem, I have 2 accounts and 2 trees. Lazzar777 & Dryballs9000

    • Sammirae says:

      Sure, and if anyone wants to add me my user is SammiRae422. I’m especially interested in friending you to see your park if anyone’s gotten far in upgrading their rift habitats or any cool dragon.

  10. Xangel says:

    Add me for daily gem swap Xangel79 on Gamecentre Level 45 and need 5 new traders. Have been playing since the very beginning btw love this site and the Doc ๐Ÿ™‚

    • brrdgrrl says:

      May I add you too (going to add you, delete me if creeps you out)? I lost my gem nbr to android which doesn’t have Game Center, I have been playing since very beginning too. I love the background music, so soothing, this game is by far the best dragon game & this is the best website for it!!

      I used to have 2 but some problem with update when the GC associated with apple ID (mine were different) I can’t update the device and had to abandon my original game.

      Have tried to add Dr. Mac as nbr but he’s full; if Dr. Mac had an app I would add that too!

      • Dyeyar says:

        I had the same problem too, my original accnt juz stopped (internal error) so i started a new accnt, but i tried opening it again now on other device and it worked… But i missed a lot of dragons…

  11. Steve says:

    Add me steve.b12

  12. Steve says:

    Add me steve.b12 i will trade gems

  13. ganymede2006 says:

    To update the game on your kindle fire go to your Amazon store (click games at the top and go to store), click the “list/menu” button on the bottom of your screen and it will give you chance to select the update apps option. Then when it shows your list of games that can be updated just click on dragonvale to download update.

    • GoddessOfDestruction says:

      Thanks a lot!!!!!! Appreciate it!

      • ganymede2006 says:

        Your welcome =) Took me a couple months with it to find that and remember the way to do it. It’s good to check every now and then since some things don’t automatically update.

        Good luck!

  14. SweetHoneyJames says:

    Has anyone seen what they look like yet?

    Also add me, gotta tree and 5 daily slots, only one is filled.

  15. Horse lady says:

    This is totally random, but just say I bred a bone and a bone dragon, shouldn’t I get a bone, I got an obsidian ๐Ÿ™ has it always been like that or just the new update?

    • NeedPrivacy says:

      This is a change they gave no notice for and it’s one many people are already upset about. Yes if you breed the same two dragons you should get that exact dragon. This update changedit. Sigh. I bred two treasure dragons and I have a mere 16 hour breeding time. To me this really blows the whole game because if you have no idea what you’re getting and breeding times take a whole day that sucks. Lol

      • Dyeyar says:

        Same here… It makes the game less playable… Im making a rainbow dragon island but when i bred 2 rainbow a bone dragon appeared…. That sucks….. Flamemaster23 is my gc… Please add me… Thanks

        • PrestonNE says:

          Flamemaster23–I’ll add you in GC if you add me back. I play (almost) daily and my former gem buddies are not. Please add me: sparky02138

          • Dyeyar says:

            Dude its says in gc that i have to verify your name…. Maybe you could send me a request and ill juz accept it… Thanx

        • Jimmbo07 says:

          I did it but I am getting normal dragons… Really sucks

  16. Lauren says:

    Anyone that would like to trade gems, add me on Game Center. My name is lfedigan. Thanks!

  17. Tyxen says:

    Doc can you accept my request if you did I would be ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Sean says:

    in answer to many of your questions if you fill both light and dark you will get both. It is determined by the collectve of DV players as to which 1 will be released first.

  19. Sean says:

    Also for those of you that play another game called Monsterama park have a look at the statistics given in how to breed section to find out how these new breeding statistics might work for Dv.

  20. LOLCARAMELXD says:


  21. Appbit says:

    How many stages do each rift have, I filled the dark with the 3199 magic now it’s above 5000 needed

  22. ~Tobiume says:

    Hooray, a reward tier system. Hopefully I’ll be able to get lots of rewards without actually spending money ahaha.
    On another notice, I have 5 gem-for-gem slots open if anyone’s interested.

  23. GoddessOfDestruction says:

    Has anyone noticed the things on the tines of the scar? I’m assuming the the gold ones on the left side symbolize light magic and the dark blue/purple one on the right side symbolizes dark magic but why is there 2 gold and only one blue/purple and what are they for? Do they symbolize what everybody is voting for to come first? I’m only asking because I noticed the other day there was 1 of each color and when the update first came out they weren’t on the tines at all.

    • NeedPrivacy says:

      Hi Goddess,

      I noticed this too. I think it means more people are going for the light dragon first.

    • Puzzle-Box says:

      I noticed that too! at first i thought more would be added to each side as you fill up the bar, but a couple days ago another dark one was added, and i never filled up my dark bar. maybe more will be added over time, and we’ll get our rewards when they completely fill up both tines?

      • GoddessOfDestruction says:

        I’m starting to think that whichever one reaches the gap at the top of the scar first will be the first magic released.

        • Miss_Annie says:

          Goddess, that’s what it is. It’s a sort of tally to show which dragons the community is supporting more. Right now, the light is ahead but I’ve been putting all my magic into dark :/

  24. Sparky says:

    So I got a dialogue box saying I’d gotten a dark dragon rift egg but I see no egg? My nursery was full at the time– where’s the egg?

  25. Andy Norgate says:

    I’ve filled the dark one but have no egg where does it go?? And how do i get it??

    • Rhonda says:

      I just had the same thing happen to me. Hopefully all that magic wasn’t wasted. I think the blocks or the right and left of the tine symbolizes what level u r on each. Not sure lol

  26. Sum1 says:

    Hello, i play on kindle so friend request me on facebook im Randy Cunningham and have mario as my profile pic. It may take quite a few pages to see me since the new disney XD show came out

  27. BitCyzzes says:

    I feel a little trolled. The bar resets 2 times after filling it up. In the beginning u need 3200 magic, then 5600 and now I need 7200 magic. It says I have a habitat and I have an egg, but theres no dragon at all. I cant hatch it yet. It is kind of money fishing in my opinion but I never spent real money in dragonvale and got nearly all dragons so far except 5 or so, so Im not gonna start with it. I hope that after I fill up those 7200 magic I finally get my damn Light Dragon. Racing, Gifting Friends and clearing Boulders are giving most magic, for those who dont know btw. Add me on gamecenter: D??Nis

  28. Baby Goats! says:

    Hi so I just filled up the dark remnant thing with the 3199 magic, and it says I now have a dark dragon egg. I see it in the habitat. But I don’t have the dragon!! Does it take time to hatch or do you have to cast more magic on it? Please help, I really want a dark dragon!!

    • GoddessOfDestruction says:

      From my understanding, the egg won’t hatch until that specific magic has been released. How exactly that works I’m not completely sure but here is my theory. I don’t know if you’ve noticed the gold and blue/purple tiles on the tines of the scar but my theory is that whichever of those reaches the top first will be the first magic released. So, as a result YES you have to keep casting magic on it. In my opinion, you might as well get as may as you can of both the light and the dark dragon.

    • GoddessOfDestruction says:

      Hope that helps. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. Confused says:

    Has anyone noticed that breeding the same dragons since magic appeared gives you unexpected results, like platinum & platinum will give you an air dragon, magnetic & magnetic will give you a copper? Haven’t tried yet with zombie & zombie, as I was lucky enough to get 3 zombie dragons one after the other. I usually get 2 dragons plus an egg display.

    • GoddessOfDestruction says:

      Yes I did notice that. It came with the new update. It’s very frustrating for us egg collectors because then we can’t be guaranteed what we were looking for like we used to. I’ve found the change very frustrating.

    • CatsNjammer says:

      I hate it and I wonder how many people will consider this an unfair change of the rules and drop out. I know one person who has already done so.

  30. Tobias says:

    I filled up my light magic bar and it said I got an egg but I can’t find it anywhere how do I get it?

    • Baby Goats! says:

      It’s in your habitat. Don’t worry!

      From my observations I’m guessing that the first dragon released will depend on what element people go for first. If we decide that light will be released first, your egg will probably hatch and you will have a light dragon. At least that’s my theory.

      Hope that helps!

  31. Dyeyar says:

    What happen after you fill up the 9999 magic bar?

  32. Blair says:

    I have two slots to trade gems ๐Ÿ™‚ please add me game name is: ebhski

  33. Sean says:

    Dyeyar it will xpand the habitat again to hold another egg not just 3

  34. Kingnoel says:

    I got a hunch the magic and finally the light/dark dragons will finally be released on Halloween. It looks like we may just continue getting more magic bars/ bigger habitats/ more eggs until then. Then all heck will be released on All Hallows’ Eve. Just a feeling I got, time will tell, anyone wanna take that bet ๐Ÿ˜‰ ?

    • GoddessOfDestruction says:

      That’s a good theory, I never thought about that. Though I hope it’s not true cuz I’d like to get more eggs first but I’m betting your probably right.

  35. Soma says:

    Hey! I just finished getting a rift egg for the dark dragon but it needs 5600 more magic to hatch. So I’m just going to get a light dragon rift egg. :p

  36. gbread says:

    Confused…I got the upgraded light habitat and it shows I needed 7200 magic to get the second egg. Finally finished getting the 7200 (even added 100 more magic) but did not receive the second light egg… Has something changed? I saw a post saying that 8800 is now required for the second egg. Is that confirmed or not? Thanks

  37. viki says:

    Does anyone know if the 3 eggs in the giant habitat give the same 3 dragons of a kind /light or dark/ or there are going to be 3 different light dragons

  38. cool guy says:

    I want to know if any new reedem codes came out on the 2.0 update. And when is dragonvale anniversary.

  39. Zodiac says:

    Anybody find out the reason why Panlong dragon income was reduced nearly a half ?.?

    • NeedPrivacy says:

      Hi Zodiac,

      I would like to know why the panlong income has been cut in half too! Good grief, is this another ” surprise” compliments of Hasbro since they took controlling interest of Backflips Studio? Augh Guess we can add this to the list of changes along with the same dragons that no longer produce the same offspring. …in a dragon ” breeding” game. Lol

  40. cindaest says:

    Add me on Game Center! I have a dragonsai tree ๐Ÿ™‚ my id is cindaest

  41. Aims993 says:

    Add me please – aims993

  42. Brad says:

    I’m annoyed at how long it’s taking, I keep upgrading my dark habitat and hoping it means I get a rift dragon, has it even come out yet?

    Just got dark habitat upgrade #3

    • Dyeyar says:

      Dude loooks like we have to wait more coz according to the tine, more people are turning on light…. And yes, its REALLY annoying… But all we can do is wait….

    • GoddessOfDestruction says:

      No it hasn’t come out but I hope it comes out soon cuz my patients is wearing thin.

  43. ghswmo says:

    ghswmo add me i have 4 spots open
    I play every day

  44. ghswmo says:

    ghswmo add me i have 4 spots open
    I play every day

  45. acef596 says:

    Anyone got the dark or light Dragon yet?

  46. Dyeyar says:

    Hi doc,

    Just thinking, are we going to get 3 different kind of dark dragon or 3 of the same?

    • GoddessOfDestruction says:

      Hi Dyeyar

      I think that they will all look the same. If you go to the help menu and look at the Make Your Mark on the Rift Dragon section there is a picture of what I’m assuming is the dark and light dragon. And since there is only one picture of each dragon I believe that the light eggs will all hatch to look the same and the same thing with the dark eggs.

  47. acef596 says:

    Anyone got a dark or light dragon yet?

  48. lucky_me2 says:

    Would someone friend me. I have been playing this game for over one year and am at level 50 and have all the dragons, eggs and habitats. Or tell me how to do it without having you on my facebook page. Thank you.

  49. Nindrone says:

    UN: $44magnum69$ < not my name its my friends…

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