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Games That Don’t Suck: Samurai Siege

Samurai Siege

I’ve been putting off writing about Samurai Siege (free) for a few weeks now, primarily because it so closely resembles one of my favorite games (and previous “Games That Don’t Suck” nominee) Clash of Clans. I’m not a fan of games that rip-off other successful game formulas, but I cannot deny that I have been playing the game nearly non-stop and enjoying myself immensely. And yes, if you have played Clash of Clans, you will find this game instantly familiar, right down to the mines, elixir pumps, barracks, Town Hall, Clan Castle, Army base camps, Research lab, spell factory, Archer Towers, cannons, walls, seasonal pumpkin bomb, healers, wizards, multi-player battles, clans, chat, and the fact that you can never have enough builders. At first glance the game IS Clash of Clans, painted with a “Samurai-themed” brush. However, there are a few noticeable differences between the games, some of which I am willing to admit are a marked improvement over Clash of Clans.

Samurai Siege

For one thing, elixir pumps are now called “Essence Wells”. Just kidding. Although the game borrows heavily from CoC, Samurai Siege adds a few unique units and game mechanics that add a new level of strategy to the game. On the tower side, there are extremely cool lightning towers, freeze towers, and a barrel cannon that is somewhat akin to CoC’s Crossbows, except you do not need to constantly reload them, which is kind of annoying in CoC. On the unit side, there is a cool unit called the “Commander”, who is strong, slow, but “commands” other infantry units, like archers and Samurais, telling them to focus their attention on an enemy’s defenses instead of just randomly destroying things. Getting the right mix of units for an attack and deciding how to deploy them is really quite a science.

Samurai Siege

Look Familiar?

Similar to CoC, Samurai Siege has two modes of battle – a single player mode where you attack various computer-controlled enemy camps, and a true multiplayer mode where attack other players’ camps in hopes of stealing their resources so you can upgrade your own base and units. What’s interesting is that in Samurai Siege you unlock new units and defenses by winning the single player battles instead of simply upgrading your barracks as in CoC. This is more fun in my opinion, and it’s great to be able to ask fellow team mates how they beat a particularly difficult map.

Samurai Siege

But by far the best things Samurai Siege has added to the Clash of Clans formula is that it actually lets you clash with other clans. It always baffled me that your clan could not directly declare war against other clans in Clash of Clans, and Samurai Siege has added that functionality. Well, sort of. You do not declare war on a specific clan, but you declare war in general, and the game matches you up against 3 other clans in a race to see which clan can collect the most trophies in a 10-hour period. Trophies are acquired by winning battles in multi-player mode, so any multiplayer victory goes towards your clan’s total. Likewise any loses are subtracted from it. At the end of the war, a winning clan is declared and EACH member of the clan receives the elusive, and precious gems that are the currency of the game. As your clan levels up, the gem reward increases. This is a MUCH more fun way of obtaining gems than CoC’s method of clearing shrubs, and really makes for some fun team-building chat and strategy talk in the chats.

Samurai Siege

So yes, Samurai Siege is 90% Clash of Clans, but it would be wrong to under-estimate that last 10% that is almost ALL gold, and an improvement over Clash of Clans. Hopefully SuperCell will take a page from Space Ape’s playbook, and copy the copiers, adding clans battles and some other tweaks. But until then, I feel you should definitely give Samurai Siege a chance. Oh, and while you’re at it, you might as well join our clan. Just search for “Macenstein“.

Samurai Siege

7 Responses to “Games That Don’t Suck: Samurai Siege”
  1. very nice write-up, it sums up my sentiments exactly. after hitting th10 on clash i got rather bored as the monumental upgrade costs and diminishing returns of raids really made it dull. the added aspect of alliance wars really gives samurai siege some legs that clash is desperately missing at the moment.

    check out the website i put together to help calculate your troop costs and distribute your troops among the dojos. you can find it here: clashing

  2. dbb says:

    I got really bored with this game really quickly. Players who are either have a ton of cash to throw at the game or those who are in guilds where they have 50/50 players with gems usually enjoy this game more than others.

    Being a non-paying customer I think this game blows after L7. It takes forever to build troops and to upgrade. Wars are 24 hours long.

    $100 for 30,000 gems? What? 30,000 gems only last you an hour. I spent roughly $700 on World of War craft and played it for almost ten years. In this game, $700 would give you a few hours of fun.

    Sorry but I must disagree with the title of this write-up. It should read, “Games that do suck: Samurai Siege”

  3. ckc says:

    What you are missing here is that clash of clans itself is a ripoff of Backyard Monsters by Kixeye.
    Don’t think CoC is original

  4. Samurai Sieger says:

    Also has one of the most overpowered troops: the Fire Demon. Absolutely huge splash damage and very high health. Only weakness is ice and lightning towers.

  5. isodopee says:

    Join Our Alliance BlueCheeze! We are an alliance thats very war active, very talkative, and also very open to any lvl of Samurai Seige players that are active! -also for ricochet event we will be hopi
    A Wikia contributor

    Join our alliance and depending on how often you donate, communicate, and how war active you are you may fit in perfectly!! We are on a mission to be a dominant alliance and will soon reach #1!! With hard work and dedication you may help fulfill that position that we are looking for!
    6 minutes ago

  6. dj says:

    Playing this for 16 months – so right from the very start….the demands of being in 48 hour events without many breaks, trying to amass the required alliance rewards in warpoints is a MASSIVE demand on players. It gets exhausting and sometimes, like this week, they went right from a 48 hour event into another with 24 hours notice. Conquest wars that are 24/7 with 6 hour cooldowns and requiring generals qualified in logistics…..and a LINE app to organise rostered crews. No longer is it that nice enjoyable game…but one that is overtaking the lives of players in our alliance. We have seen two players rage quit in the last day from burnout/stress. The commitment required to participate in these rolling events takes its toll on players and also often requires real money to be spent on gems to hurry up troop yards to get quicker warpoints when the pressure is on.

  7. King elvis says:

    I play both, coc and samurai siege. I love clash of clans and samurai siege, if I was going to change something, I would change wars strategy to samurai siege, it’s a bit boring.

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