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MASSIVE UPDATE HITS DRAGONVALE (Game still crashes constantly though)

Today Backflip Studios unveiled a massive update to their popular Dragonvale game for iOS and Android, bringing two new races of dragons to the game – Light and Dark – which appear to be able to be bred with the rest of the existing dragons. In order to summon these new dragons you need to cast light and dark magic into a magical rift. To do this you simply need to play the game as you normally do – earning small amounts of dark and light magic for breeding dragons and collecting your coins. And of course, you can spend REAL money to hurry the process along.

Of course, Dragonvale seems to still be plagued by the “General Error” crashes every time you try to click on a friend’s gem gift, so this may take awhile. I have no idea how BackFlip is able to let this bug keep crashing Dragonvale (it even restarts my iPhone 5S occasionally). This is extremely frustrating given Backflip has released 3 updates since this problem popped up, some even claiming to have fixed this problem.

dragonvale general error crash

It would be nice if BackFlip was able to fix this crash which has made it through 3 updates already…

We’ll of course keep you updated with the latest breeding combos of light and dark dragons as we discover them, so head on over to the app store, download the update, and stay tuned!

dragonvale light and dark dragon rift

74 Responses to “MASSIVE UPDATE HITS DRAGONVALE (Game still crashes constantly though)”
  1. Caver64 says:

    I see Backflip introduced new ways to make the game crash. Great job! And how long will it be until the whole screen is covered in buttons. Come on man! Can’t the make one button to access all of the others? 🙁

    • NeedPrivacy says:

      The download won’t finish for some reason. I’m stuck in an eternal download abyss. In the comment section of the App Store someone inserted the following breeding tips. Thought I’d share it.

      God Dragons

      Zeus = 1,000,000 coins
      Poseidon = Zeus and water
      Gaea = Zeus and plant
      Hades = Zeus and fire
      Artemis = Zeus and moon
      Apollo = Zeus and sun
      Hephaestus = Zeus and metal
      Isis = Zeus and rainbow
      Jupiter = Zeus and love
      Saturn = Zeus and cold
      ? = Zeus and lightening

  2. jmm22RULES says:

    This update isn’t explained very well by backflip……

  3. jmm22RULES says:

    Also i dont crash randomly like that. Only crashes when i collect too many friend gems at once

  4. NeedPrivacy says:

    Ok, wow! My Update is finally finished. They are giving out a truckload of treats and gems after this download for every shrine you have!!. IE: for all silver shrines 250k treats and 15 gems. I don’t have gold shrines yet but this was a huge boost for my game. Also whatever level your park is at is what level your dragons can be. Lordy ill never be able to feed
    Them to those levels. Lol I’m going to play tthe dragon racing track and see what happens. I’ll let you know!

  5. Kimmi says:

    Since the new download. I can open it on my phone but won’t open at all on my iPad!! Help!

    • NeedPrivacy says:

      Kimmi try closing your iPad down completely and then rebooting it. My download for this massive update hung on the iPad too. When I rebooted and restarted it worked fine. Hope that helps! : )

      • Lizzie c says:

        Yeah. I waited for the huge download and rebooted my pad, but there was no change. Backflip is being very dodgy.

        • NeedPrivacy says:

          Hi Lizzie,

          Did you press and hold down the top right button until the iPad shut down completely or just hit the center bottom button for closing? I had to close my iPad completely then restart for this download to finally take. Before that the bar for downloading was stuck and not showing any progress towards the end.

  6. NeedPrivacy says:

    The dragon races give a lot of magic the first time then it cuts in half after each race. The tips in the game says this replenishes again. Meaning play the races each day and initially get a lot of magic. It starts with 50 then goes to 25, then 13, etc etc. They also added a new island for 250 million and after you load up the magic I assume you get your first magic dragon. The tips say they will expand the new magic island when you get the magic dragons too. So they added TWO new islands! wow they added a ton of new stuff!

    Also you get magic for visiting friends parks, breeding dragons, leveling up dragons and decorating your park.

    Good luck everyone! : )

  7. Popogeejo1 says:

    So are the shrines relatively useless now…just change color? I no longer need to keep lots of dragons in the hibernation cave waiting to be leveled up? Does it make a difference if I cast magic as I earn it or wait until my magic is near max (1000) to cast it? Will each account be able to get both light & dark dragons eventually…or do we have to choose one?

    • NeedPrivacy says:

      Hi Popo,

      I wouldn’t say the shrines are useless because this update gave a lot of food and gems for every silver shrine. I don’t have gold yet but I assume it does it again for gold shrines? I haven’t waited until getting a 1000 magic points before casting them. I’d be interested to see if there is a difference in doing so. I just cast them as I earn them.

      From what I understand you can get light and dark dragon eggs. I’m going just for light first. I think the new island they added with the magic casting areas is where those habitats will appear.

      • NeedPrivacy says:

        Well heck, the link in the comments below from Backflip reveals they have indeed made the shrines useless. Unless you already had all gold shrines or silver ones “before” the update you will not be able to collect the major bonus of 15 or 40 gems per shrine. Augh what a crock. It also appears as if the breeding nightmares of the same dragons giving you a crazy mixed outcome not like those two dragons is a permanent and deliberate change in this update. Sigh. Those changes are not good for long time players who have worked hard trying to accomplish all goals. Alas, I’m no longer near as motivated to keep leveling up all dragons because they removed the incentive.

        • Popogeejo1 says:

          Hi NeedPrivacy! Thanks for all your comments! Yes, I kind of assumed that the shrine bonuses were given just once with the update to appease those who had worked so hard to obtain silver or gold before the “rules of the game” were changed, so to speak. I had 7 silver & was working on the last 1. I wonder if they will still change color? Leveling up dragons will still increase their coin output & increase chances of breeding a rarer dragon, but I know what you mean about the removal of some of the incentive. At least we no longer have to store a bunch of dragons waiting to level up (unless we want to…duplicates for breeding purposes & the like).

          • NeedPrivacy says:

            Hi Popo,

            Thought I’d let you know that the shrines still change colors and you will get 1 million food if you level them up. But there appears to be more changes they have not let people know about. iE: cutting the profits from some dragons in half. Zodiac mentioned this on another board about the panlong dragon and that is correct. All my panlong dragons have lost 50% profit! This update is starting to suck. Lol

          • Dyeyar says:

            Hi needprivacy,


            Did you got all the eggs on light and dark? I cant visit your park anymore coz everytime i open on social button it crashes….

  8. Lizzie c says:

    I havent seen any sign of the rift anywhere in my game. my ipad is updated ad everything. where can you find it? i searched everywhere.

    • NeedPrivacy says:

      Hi Lizzie,

      The rift is in the middle of the new Magic island added with this update. It’s basically just an egg hatching pedestal sitting in front of the big vortex thing called The Tines of the Scar and in the middle of the light and dark magic casting vestiges.

      • Maddie says:

        my update does not show any sign of the new rift island. if you updated the game recently does the rift island just not show up??

  9. Funnyditty says:

    I think there is a limit to the magic you can earn in a day. I fed one of my gemstone dragons up, entered 2 races and hatched a egg and got NO MAGIC. Also cannot collect the 40 gems or 1m treats gifted for each of my gold shrines as the game crashes as soon as I try to collect them. Great update – pity they haven’t fixed the bug causing the constant and frustrating crashes – probably caused by the multitude of buttons added to the game. Hate the new breeding rules – if I breed a sun with a sun I expect a sun!!! Would be great to find a clear description of exactly what the update has changed

    • NeedPrivacy says:

      They do go way down to almost nothing for magic for those things but one thing they keep paying out for is decorating. I buy the cheap bush for 25 bucks again and again then just delete it and start all over. It gives 1 magic point each bush which is the same after collecting money.

      The park also replenishes each day …. Meaning dragon races are high for first one at 50, then half that at 25, then half that. If you keep playing the race it will go down to 1 point. But yea, if you hatch a lot of dragons in one day it starts to make you hatch many to get just one magic point. Buy cheap bushes and do the races for unending magic.

  10. Kish says:

    FYI: looks like we’re able to get both dark and light dragons on a single account. I’ve got an egg and a habitat for each after upgrading, so guess we just have to choose which to nab first!

    • Popogeejo1 says:

      I have a light habitat with an egg…what do I do with it? Does the egg hatch on its own? Or do I just contribute more magic to the light side to make something happen?

      • NeedPrivacy says:

        Hi Popo,

        You’ll have to let us know. From the tips info in the game they incline that they will provide the habitats for these dragons as needed. Maybe it does not become available until it hatches? How long does it take to hatch and does it use the rift egg pedestal or the normal hatching area? I haven’t made it that far yet and I’d lie to know. Thanks !

        • NeedPrivacy says:

          Ok I figured this one out and no one has talked about it yet so here goes. Leveling up the magic dragon is like building Kairos. Meaning one step at a time. If you go to the new magic island and click on either the light or dark vestige – aka the small habitats that have the small swirling magic balls of light and dark in them – then click on the Info button it will tell you how much magic you have collected for that level of the new magic dragon. The first level needs approx 3100 magic points to fill it. Then an egg will appear in that habitat. Then the magic bar starts all over again and it raises the amount needed to fill it up the next time to 5800. I assume once you keep doing this you eventually hatch this new magic dragon of light or dark depending on which one you fill up first. Sooooo these new dragons are not going to be easy to get but it will be interesting to see them. Good luck everyone!

          • What is Dragonvale thinking says:

            Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Seriously man, you are the first post iv’e read on the subject that isn’t just someone guessing and talking out their a$$. It is so refreshing to have someone explain what it is that they know and then simply say when they don’t know.
            Everything you said makes sense and is explained well. If you learn any further information please post here and I’ll do the same.
            I just finished filling the first level (3199) of the light vestige. So far nothing has happened that I can see but it might not change until the “magic reset” tonight.
            Thanks again for the info bro.

          • Well, I did that and it didn’t hatch, I just got a bigger habitat. I think we need to wait until the dragonvale community AS A WHOLE has enough players summon the light dragon before our eggs will hatch.
            At least that is what I THINK they are saying. Very confusing, but I am not going to waste any more gems trying to get magic by rushing breedings until I hear different.
            – The Doc

          • Hannah says:

            @dr.macenstein fill up your light vestige one more time before you give up.

  11. vaiana says:

    I can not get more than 3000 magic by day is that normal?

  12. Ray says:

    what I truly detest is that it appears breeding 2 of the same dragons no longer results in another one of those dragons!!!!

    • Playing DV with my kids says:

      This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO frustrating and unfair.

      • What is Dragonvale thinking says:

        What this is is complete f^%king bulls*^t! I was breeding nonstop for months to get my double rainbow dragons and now I cant even breed them together for another. This is such bulls*%t. Not to mention all the work I put into getting all my shrines to gold just to have that thrown out the door as well.
        I’m all for new game content but what was the point in screwing up half the stuff that we have been working to create. Not to mention that it makes no sense that i get an “Ash dragon” from breeding two double rainbow dragons.

        • iphone gamer says:

          No joke man. I cant think of a bigger mistake than them changing the equation (x breed with x = x). It only made sense that when you breed a silver with a silver you get a silver. It was also the whole reason why I spent so much time trying to get doubles of my higher earning dragons. I also would have never spent 2100 gems on dragons that I can no longer breed with other to get more. Now it all counts for nothing. I wish I would have known what the update was going to do to my game. I would have kept from downloading it until I had stocked my park with the dragons I was trying to farm.


          • MikeyBabe7 says:

            I have a theory about this stupid breeding rule change. I think it’ll only be in effect for the duration of the “magic collecting event” because as you breed and hatch rarer dragons you gain more magic so to make it fair on everyone in the DV community they added this stupid rule. The other reason I see is basically this magic collecting event puts every player in competition with one another because I think some people who are fast at collecting will get the max reward where as the slower guys won’t make it all the way before the event finishes. This is my two cents anyway.

  13. NeedPrivacy says:

    Hi Ray,

    I just encountered this oddity too. Just bred two treasure dragons and got a 16 hour breeding time. Hopefully they will change this back because its going to tick off a lot of people who’ve been loyally playing.

  14. NeedPrivacy says:

    Tips on getting more magic fast: buy the cheapest decoration. Ie: the small bush for $25.00. Then delete and repeat. You get the same amount of magic for buying a cheap bush as a million dollar tree so save your money. Also use the racing track to level up much faster and you get 1 magic point for each race.

  15. NeedPrivacy says:

    As long as we are… I can no longer zoom out after this update which makes it a pain to collect money and go through friends parks quickly. Hope they fix this soon because that happened to my iPad 1 with an older update with Dragonvale and they never fixed it. Now it’s happening with my iPad 2. Sigh…

  16. vaiana says:

    I still don`t understand first I have collect 3199 magic, great ! I get the habitat and an egg …
    Know I have collect 5600 more magic and this have up grade my habitat . But know I must collect 7200 magic !!!! When will it stop? When will my egg hatch ? if I continue will I get more egg ? I m not even sure that this egg will hatch … Does someone know?

    • DragonLord says:

      Nope… Sorry. None of us has hatched a light or dark egg that I know of… You’ll have to tell us if you figure it out.

    • NeedPrivacy says:

      Hi Vaiana,

      I explained this above. You’re further then I am but your question verified my assumption that these new light and dark dragons will take a lot like Kairos to finally get. So far we know the magic bar resets itself from 3100 for the first level, to 5600, then 7200. If you scroll up you’ll see breeding cheat list in my comments that I think will probably be used to create many more dragons once the first basic light and dark dragons are finally hatched. So it looks like they combined the very beginning of this game when we got basic dragons to start getting combination dragons with harder and harder levels like getting Kairos together in this new line of light and dark dragons.

      Sine you are further along then many of us tell us what happens next. Thanks! 🙂

      • Jacob w says:

        I need 9999 magic to level it to the last level

        • vaiana says:

          Yes me too I think we can get 3 egg and after that we will need to wait and see

        • vaiana says:

          Yes me too 9999 magic needed, I think we can get 3 egg and after that we will need to wait and see … 😉 oh and I think we can not get the two dragon (dark and light) I think at the end we will get only one! even if we have get magic for the dark and light so we really need to chose .

        • Dyeyar says:

          Same here… But its on the light habitat… Im filling up the dark now so i may get my second egg on dark… Flamemaster23 is my gc… This new update reallllly sucks…

  17. Pdragon says:

    Does anyone know if the shrine bonuses are a on time gift? I only had cold at gold and got 40 gems. I was working on earth and water and was close to getting gold but were still silver when I updated so I only got 15 gems for those. Can I keep feeding my dragons to get gold and thus get 40 gems? Or have I missed out? I wish I would have known more about this update before I let my daughter download to the update so I could finish what I was workin on – two gold shrines and Epic Dragon Egg Display – both those projects seem worthless know. I was waiting to display my double rainbow unti I got ghost and bone and now it’s gonna be really tough to get the egg!!!! FRUSTRATION!!!!! Let me know if anyone’s figured the shrines/gems yet. Thanks!

  18. Pdragon says:

    Have you seen/read this? What does this “community” working together mean? I think we need to figure this one out. If anyone has or knows what it means, plz share :)!

    • Popogeejo1 says:

      Hi Pdragon! Thanks so much for sharing this! It makes things much clearer. I think that what they are referring to by “the community working together” is all of us casting magic to either the light or dark side. Looks like if we want both a free and unique light & dark habitat we’ll have to cast magic to both sides before the maximum has been reached.

  19. jax says:

    I got the dark to the ” max” of 3199 but then the bat goes away and you can still add more… when do you get the Dragon and how? do I have to ” max” out the light one too? Or keep dumping in the dark one?

  20. Allan says:

    I’m really excited about this update! I personally only go on DragonVale once or twice a day, so the deteriorating magic doesn’t overwhelm me that much. I’m disappointed at how the internal error glitch came back, though. It was fixed for me on the last update, and now it continues to annoy me (considering that I have 3 cousins who play this as well).

  21. Lauren says:

    Help! I tried to purchase the 150magic+upgrade pack, and dragonvale crashed. According to my itunes account I’ve been charged twice for this purchase and I STILL can’t get dragonvale to load. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, restarting my iphone, logging in and out of my gamecentre ID; nothing! Anyone got any solutions? This was about 5 days ago, I’ve emailed Backflip several times to no reply. I’m losing my mind over this one!

  22. vaiana says:

    Go for the light side people !!!! The dark side begin to win we must continue to collect magic for the light dragon. We can not have both of the dragon we must chose !! I a community parcipation we must all chose the same dragon light or dark to get it , at the end if more people in the community have collect magic for light dragon we will get the light dragon ! So stop collect magic for the two side !!! Its a waste!!!!

    • MikeyBabe7 says:

      Epic fail answer above. This is what’s actually happening. We can get both light and dark dragons for the dragonvale in game hints specifically specifies us to choose which one we want to get released first ie either the light or dark dragons will get released first then the other later on who knows how long after is another question. We can also see that the light side is wining by just a little bit because of big vortex thingy on the new island. You’ll notice there are now 2 tablet thingies on both the light and dark sides however I did notice the 2nd light one pop up there about 2 days before the 2nd dark one. I think it’s safe to assume that as soon as one side reaches the top the “event” will end and whatever you have put your magic towards you will get as a reward. So it is better to upgrade both at the same time to a degree. And for the person who has only upgraded dark in the event that the light side wins will still get they’re reward just a little later on I dare say.

      • vaiana says:

        Okey sorry for the fail … I may misunderstand so sorry to whom it read my post and thank a lot to give me more infos 😉 so I think I will collect dark magic now … GG everyone

  23. Ally says:

    Does buying the 8th island earn any magic?

  24. Ethan says:

    I filled the dark magic bar but nothing happend, what do i do???

  25. Ray says:

    Now that is odd!!!! They have also downgraded dragons! The panlong suddenly earns about 100 coins/min less than before!! That is bizar.

    • NeedPrivacy says:

      Hi Ray, saw that too and it sucks. When you keep seeing shifty moves like this it makes you trust the app developers less. Which is why I have noted several places that Hasbro now owns controlling interest of Backflip Studios. Augh. If they run Dragonvale the way they do Monopoly ( ie: challenges way too hard, can never ever level up without a lot of real money..greedy creeps)they will ruin this game. Sigh

  26. Lou says:

    After in-app purchase (my very 1st) i can no longer access ‘dragonvale’…. i have rebooted, restarted, uninstalled the app and re-installed, checked to see if anything is still downloading and even restored my phone…. the app still crashes with the ‘dragonvale unexpectedly quit’ message..then over and over again, i am asked to sign in to itunes? …. any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Todd says:

      My son is having the same issue, every time we try to start the game it crashes. We’ have rebooted, updated ios, reloaded the game, nothing works. Anyone able to help?

      • Lauren says:

        I had this problem and it took me forever to figure out! What you’ve got to do is log out of game centre, then load the game locally. Play for like 5 minutes, then log back in to game centre and start the game. It should be all sorted 🙂

  27. CatsNjammer says:

    Just to put my $0.02 in…lol….I think I am pretty fed up with the changes too. Just too tired of having the rules changed without cause ( except Backflip greed ). I think they had a good thing and didn’t stick with the original formula….shame on them!

  28. gkd1313 says:

    What are these new friend codes? Mine is 95188707. Do you really get gems from people who use the code? Are there places I can find other people’s codes to help them?

  29. Robbie13 says:

    My friend code is 75009522

  30. Mev says:

    I hate the game now! I don’t want to mess with the rift because it too complicated with all the rules and expensive as crap!
    I would not mind so much and would just avoid it but they made it so it effects your totals in the original DV game! So if you refuse to play in the rift your dragonarium will never shoot fire or be cool like before! I played for 5 yrs. I liked the game because it was easy and I could play quickly if needed. Now I’d have to sit all day figuring out what the heck I’m doing moving dragons back and forth. And every move you make costs! I’m done. Deleting this from my phone!! You can move DragonVale from the best game ever made list to most annoying and stressful game ever made. This was by far the dumbest move on BackFlips part. Wonder who gets the crown for coming up with this HORRIBLE idea? They should have made the rift a totally separate game that could be downloaded and linked to your DV game if you desired it. And it ABSOLUTELY SHOULD Not AFFECT YOUR ORIGINAL DV GAME OR TOTALS YOUVE WORKED SO LONG TO ACHEIVE! I’m upset with this whole stupid mess!!

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