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Microsoft and Apple combine forces to create beautiful music

I have never for one second believed that a music conductor’s arm waving does ANYTHING. (Unless you’re in a Warner Bros. cartoon of course. Then you can make the band do literally ANYTHING!) But for the average orchestra, even a 4th grade one, the musicians do not appear to look up at the conductor once, and his semi-orgasmic gyrations, while giving the audience something to look at, rarely seem to correspond to what I’m hearing.

However that being said, the game totally changes once you throw robots into the mix! Check out this very cool video demonstration of MacBooks, pre-loaded with human voice samples, being controlled by a conductor via an XBox connect sensor.

Honestly, I still don’t see how what the conductor guy is doing is really making that music, but since robots cannot lie, I have to assume it really works.

via Wired

5 Responses to “Microsoft and Apple combine forces to create beautiful music”
  1. Jon says:

    Nice! Really enjoyed that.

  2. Kevin Black says:

    That was totally cool.

  3. GoddessOfDestruction says:

    WOW! That’s all I can say

  4. Marco says:

    Where do sound come from? from the tiny laptop speakers 😉

  5. Pippo says:

    Conductor not only conducts the concerts, but prepares the piece with the orchestra during rehearsals, he shares with the orchestra his interpretation, hist “tactus” and the pauses and breathes to take. He is the element that grants rithm and interpretation across the very different minds and instruments they play.

    One must be (sorry) really ignorant affirming a director’s gesture is nothing for the orchestra.

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