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Awesome Apple TV decals

With recent reports predicting a “TV” Apple TV release some time in 2015, it looks like we’ll be stuck with these little black boxes for some time. But that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! Check out these sweet Apple TV decals from Killer Duck Decals. At $10 a piece, how can you go wrong?! (well, unless they cause it to overheat or not work of course…)

But wait! Killer Duck claims:

” Tired of looking at the black hockey puck of wonder in your entertainment center? Spice it up with a new look. We’ve done some extensive research to make sure the skins don’t interfere with the use of the remote. Guess what? Still totally works. We’ve broken down the designs into 4 pieces: the top, front panel and two sides. “

So there you go! The perfect Thanksgiving gift for the Apple TV lover in your life.

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