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Well, hello there, Safari!

I’ve never really looked at my web browser as a sexy woman (probably because I’m too busy using my web browser to look AT sexy women) but photo artist Mike Roshuk has, and he’s posted some of his “Girls as Browsers” concepts. I particularly like the clueless Internet Explorer and her Blue Screen of death. However I am saddened by the omission of FireFox, perhaps with a “Furries” theme, as it is the sexiest sounding browser IMO, but still nice work Mike!




via GeekxGirls

2 Responses to “Well, hello there, Safari!”
  1. Kimberly says:

    LOL! Nice blend of creative writting there Doc! :)) However, at this buffet ill pass on the chicks, and I’d love a pair of those white platform Stilletos heels!! Can you possibly come up with that request by breeding a Cotton dragon and an air dragon?? :)) *winks* perfectly creative. Loved you’re post btw and am greatful for all you’re hard work and info on Dragonvale breeding. Thanks so very much once again. 🙂 Always~ Kimberly

  2. Matt says:

    Why is Safari wearing Firefox colors?

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