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How to: Put up big numbers in Samurai Siege alliance wars

By far the best thing about Samurai Siege is the Alliance wars, where you work alongside your fellow alliance members, trying to put up more war points than your rival alliances. Of course the WORST thing about these wars is the long wait times to rebuild your army so you can attack again. I figured I would take a quick minute to share MY tactic when battling, which allows me to easily put up 1000-1500 war points in a 12 hour period, and even more if my family is away or I’m in the hospital with some nice alone time or something.

The steps are pretty simple:

Step 1: Get a lot of Jade. Before you declare war, you should make a couple Ninja/archer armies, and steal as much jade as you can. I like to start with around 1 million jade for my wars, but I have done my technique with as little as 400,000 jade. The blessing/curse of Samurai Siege is that it is very easy to steal resources, but of course, it is also very hard to keep YOURS.

Step 2: Build your “normal” attack army. This is the army you would build that can take down the biggest castles you are able to at your level. I currently have a level 8 Castle, and can hold 200 troops, so my normal “big attack army” consists of: 2 Masters, 2 Oni Trolls, 5 Rams, 5 Generals, 51 Ninjas, and 65 Archers. I have a 97% success rate 3 starring 64 War Point Castles with this army, occasionally having to sprinkle in some freeze spells.

Step 3: Queue up about 40 Archers. You should be using ADVANCED QUEUEING (accessed by hitting MENU> SETTINGS> GENERAL> ADVANCED TROOP TRAINING). This allows you to click on any of your practice yards, hit MY ARMY> TRAIN TROOPS, and then as you press and hold on units, it will intelligently spread the troops across all your available dojos so you don’t have one inefficient one making all your masters while the other dojos sit empty.These troops will begin training while you battle, so when you come back from your war, you should have a healthy supply of troops.

Step 4: Declare war and ATTACK! OK, you can do one of two things here. Since you have your full army, you can either look for a high-level Castle (64 or 48) that you feel confident you can take, or that has a lot of resources, OR you can begin using my NEXT technique, which is the key to putting up big points. The NEXT technique, as you can guess, involves hitting the NEXT button as many times as it takes, until you find a level 64 castle where the player has placed it FAR outside his walls, completely unprotected. This is rare, but not nearly as rare as you might think.


Samurai Siege

Samurai Siege

Samurai Siege

Samurai Siege

You can usually take out these castles with just 2 or 3 archers, placing them as far from his defenses as possible so you do not accidentally trigger any towers, or jade lions or such. Once the castle is destroyed, you automatically get HALF the available war points, even if it claims you only have 3% destruction, you can hit RETREAT and still win. So an attack on a 64 castle gets you 32 points. 48 will get you 24 and so on.
And all it cost you was 3 archers.

Samurai Siege

Why would someone place their Castle outside their walls? Well, I do. Most higher players don’t care too much about the honor points they lose during an attack, and can easily make them back in battle. Putting you castle outside the walls often attracts attackers like me, where I just want the War Points that defeating a castle gives me. I may go on to take the rest of their base if it looks easy, and I have all the necessary troops, but for the most part, I’m in a hurry to put up big war point numbers FAST, and after taking a castle, I hit retreat, and move on to the next. Of course, it would be stupid to NOT look at the base after you destroy the castle to see if there are any unprotected resources you can pick off – again using archers from a distance. You may be surprised to find how much loot you can pull in using just 6 archers. I’ve taken well over 600,000 jade on many occasions.

Step 5: Do a few more NEXT attacks with just archers. If you only used a few archers to take out a castle, when you end the war, you will find your camp is once again full because you queued up those 40 archers earlier. If that is the case, then you should hit BATTLE and get right back into hitting NEXT, looking for more unprotected castles.

If you used your entire army to smash a 64 Castle, when you return you will just have a bunch of archers. What you want to do now is set up your queue to train the rest of your BIG army, sprinkling in more archers every once in awhile. I often start by making ninjas first, so I can have a couple of them to take out the occasional jade lion that might be guarding an otherwise unprotected castle. So, even though you may have only archers, you can still go right back into hitting NEXT, looking for more unprotected castles. In a perfect world, you only need 3 archers for this type of attack to work. I just like to be prepared so I usually have a few more.

Samurai Siege

Now, this aint’ a cheap way to go, and you will quickly understand why I like to start with 1 million jade when I battle. The hitting NEXT method can sometimes take 1 try, 5 tries, or 60 tries before you hit an unprotected castle, and 60 tries at the 2100 jade it costs me, means I can spend 126,000 jade to find one unprotected high level castle.

This is why you are building your “BIG Army” in between the NEXT attacks. My usual strategy is I will take out maybe 4 unprotected castles using just a few archers, and then look for one big Jade hit, preferably also a 64 castle, but I will take out ANY castle with more than 400,000 jade. By alternating these attacks, you can quickly rack up 250 points an hour or more, and keep your jade banks full at the same time.

Things to watch out for:

Some bases will look tempting, but be aware or tower ranges and keep in mind that there can be occasional traps, like jade lions or assassin dens. I like to try to keep 10 nijas with me while doing my NEXT raids, as they can quickly take out lions and assassins and leave the archers to focus on the Castles.

These bases are NOT good candidates:

Samurai Siege

Samurai Siege

Samurai Siege

Now, being able to throw down 1500 WP does not mean you are going to win all your wars. The whole point of an alliance war is that the WHOLE alliance should be fighting with you. One man cannot a war win, usually. So even if you put up 1200 war points, you will still need help. Especially if you get paired up against the number 1 Alliance in the world, like WE did recently for some reason.

Samurai Siege

But it certainly can make you the big War Point hero of your alliance! Oh, and speaking of Alliances, why not join ours? Search for Macenstein. Good luck!

3 Responses to “How to: Put up big numbers in Samurai Siege alliance wars”
  1. Robin Platjouw says:

    Nice strategy! And i can confirm: it works! This way even beginners can make a lot warpoints. I fight in a dutch alliance called ‘Nederland’! So all active (dutch) players, join us!

  2. Sam Carter says:

    I can confirm this too …
    But I use my mercenary camp (BONUS TROOPS)
    This doesn’t disturb my full army that is cooking …
    I prepare 20 ninjas for jade and ice lion for next sniping (searching unprotected castles) session …
    I only use basic troops … No fancy essence gulping troops …
    Essence is needed for upgrading army and army capasity … (Training yards , dojos)
    Sometimes SA throws some cool rewards … For instance : Fire demon pit …
    I used that for sniping … So when you hit bonus troops , it deploys Fire demon …
    Iff you’ve claimed loot reward Attack … You’ll be able to deploy Mercenary camp + Fire Demon (Fire Demon Pitt)
    That makes sniping twice as fast … My highscore was way far in the 2k war points …


    “Get bonus troops every time you fight! Valid for two days.”

    When you destroy an enemy castle in a Multiplayer Battle, you will receive either an offensive or defensive item. There are six of each type. After collecting the six offensive items available, you can go through the “Loot” submenu under “Menu” and trade them in for a Mercenary Camp.

    The camp holds five samurai.
    The level of samurai is dependent on your honor points
    It shows up in battle at the bottom of the screen as a single unit labeled “Bonus Troops.”
    The camp lasts for two days.
    You cannot have more than one Mercenary Camp at a time. If you collect all six items before the two days are up and claim the reward, your old camp will be replaced with a new one and any unused time will be lost.
    This does not act as another Practice Yard where you will need to retrain your troops. They will be replenished automatically after every battle.


    Iff you’ve followd my advice it would be great you could join alliance : Forty Seven …

    We have more to teach people that like this game and ar active a lott …

    We’re always happy to recieve all the help you can offer … Even when the guys are in war … It’s an easy way to farm and donate … Gets your donations real high …

    The honor of an alliance is calculated as follows:

    Players Contribution %
    1 – 10 100%
    11 – 30 50%
    31 – 50 0%
    Honor is vital in measuring a clan’s strength and finding clans to have alliance wars with. Honor also determines the diamond payout for winning a war.


    A key part of any attack and defence is the Alliance Portal. In your clan chat, or on your home world, you can request for troop donations. Players in your clan can then send to you their troops that they had trained. This is great because it adds army size, as troops in the Alliance Portal are not accounted for in the Practice Yards. As for defense, troops in the Alliance Portal will be triggered when attacking troops come near it and will defend your base against invaders. You have to wait 20 minutes between each troops request, however you can skip this time with diamonds.

    Your regards ,

    Gen. Sam Carter :

    Forty Seven (Shogun : Doner Kebab) Australian based … , … Making Hole (Shogun Torn) USA PST based … , … Adult Hot Tub (Shogun : JenJen) Central USA based… & … Godz Of War (Shogun : Godbless) Western-Europe based …

    Iff you want to join … You’ll need 1000 individual honor points … And score at least 1000 individual war points in your 1st war …

    PS: I’m allso happy to be schooled by guys who score more than 2500 war points in 12 hours …

  3. BaneStar says:

    Begs the Question, Why do players put their bases outside their defences?

    I did it for a while because I thought it matched my battles against players of equal honor, If my honor is 200, I’ll only battle 100-300 honor players.. but after a while, I noticed that it didn’t seem to ring true.

    As for all the nice powerful items in alliance wars, it would be great if EVERYONE put their bases outside the walls, we’d all be on equal footing, we’d all get higher battles and get more of the goods from the game, Players vs the Creators.. instead of fighting each other..

    p.s. I play more casually with my Casual Alliance: Weekend Warriors

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